Martin Coad for Sheriff

I, Martin Coad am asking the citizens of Morgan County to vote for me on March 18th, 2014 for the office
of Morgan County Sheriff. For the last 34 years it has been my honor to serve as a Law Enforcement
Officer for many communities throughout this area, 9 of these years I served as the Chief of Police in
Chapin, Illinois. I’ve always worked hard each and every day to make the Community I was serving a
safer place to live. The Citizens of Morgan County currently do not have 24 hour protection for their
families and property and this needs corrected immediately, and that is what I plan to do. The citizens of
Morgan County deserve the same protection as Jacksonville and South Jacksonville. As Sheriff I will be
visible in the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as be there to insure the deputies are
doing the same. If there are 12 deputies on the budget then there will be 12 deputies on the roads
protecting you! I will create a solid structure of professionalism within the Sheriff’s office. I will bring
fresh, new and modern techniques to the office. I will not use the same methods used 40 years ago, that
are currently being used today. I have expertise in budget planning, grant funding and scheduling. This
will help me work within the budget; make sure there is coverage throughout the county, and apply for
grant funding to make needed improvements in the sheriff’s office. In my time as Police Chief of Chapin I
gained large amounts of funding through grants I pursued. I will be present at all town and village
meetings to see how the Sheriff’s office can better serve the communities of Morgan County. I will
create a good working relationship with the neighboring law enforcement agencies and work hand in
hand with all local law enforcement to push drugs and drug dealers out of Morgan County. I understand
the law enforcement needs of Morgan County, and I will work hard to make those needed
improvements a reality.
I am asking for the Citizens of Morgan County to vote for me on March 18th for the office of Morgan
County Sheriff. I am eager to begin my promise to “Be there” for the people of this community and to
work hard for you every day!!
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