Mathis joins Heitbrink at BOS Asset Management

Mathis joins Heitbrink at BOS Asset Management

by Kyla Hurt

Heitbrink Asset Management, the corporation owned by local investment advisor Dave Heitbrink, finalized its merge with Bank of Springfield (BOS) Asset Management March 1, moving fully into the offices at the BOS branch on West College Avenue in Jacksonville.

As Heitbrink began the transition in the months prior, however, he asked Wade Mathis to join him. Mathis started working with Heitbrink January 3.

“The objective here, is Wade is coming into the business to work with me … first doing administration while he gains his designations and his licenses, with hopes of growing into an advisory role,” explaines Heitbrink.

Mathis is from Strasburg, a small town down by Effingham, but came to Jacksonville to attend Illinois College (IC), where he played golf and says he was, “attracted to the small-town feel, [even though] Jacksonville felt like a big town to me.” A 2016 graduate, Mathis majored in management and organization leadership but notes that he studied all things business-related.

While at IC, Mathis’ roommate was area talent John Love. In an enchanting little tale, it was because of Love that Mathis found love — Love’s cousin, Lydia Reither, whom Mathis met through Love, would become his wife. The two married March 4, 2017. They currently reside in Arenzville with their 2-year-old twins, Andrew and Noah.

After IC, Mathis worked for Heartland Dental as a regional marketing representative and had been offered positions that he accepted coaching golf at the collegiate level. Then, he says he received a call from Heitbrink offering him the job to work for him at Bank of Springfield.

“Dave has been friends with my wife’s family because of a shared office space on the [downtown Jacksonville] square. His office on State Street was right next door to Briggs Appraisal and that’s where my father-in-law and my wife’s aunt work … We had known each other for a while, basically ever since I started dating Lydia,” explains Mathis.

He continues, “Actually, Jodi [Heitbrink] helped out a bunch for our wedding.” Mathis even jokes that prior to the wedding, Briggs Appraisal considerably transformed into “Wade and Lydia’s wedding service,” with Dave Heitbrink’s wife, Jodi, essentially assuming the role of wedding manager.

“We’ve had a good family/friend connection for quite a while,” Mathis remarks of the Heitbrinks. Dave Heitbrink and Mathis had chatted generically about business before, so when Heitbrink called about the position, the two then discussed specifics about what the job would entail and how Mathis might fit, he explains.

“It was more or less that he asked if I would consider doing it, and it was something I couldn’t turn down,” Mathis states.

Mathis is now the investment services representative with Heitbrink at BOS Asset Management. He says, “ I assist Dave with everything he needs to serve his clients … I’m also learning from Dave while studying to become licensed.” Mathis’ career goal is to become a fee-only fiduciary like Heitbrink.

Any current or potential clients of Heitbrink can reach Mathis for assistance in person at his desk that sits just as a few steps outside the elevator on the second floor of the Bank of Springfield building, located at 303 W. College Ave. in Jacksonville. Or reach him or Heitbrink at 217-245-5580.

Adds Heitbrink about Mathis, “I feel very fortunate to have found someone of such high character and obvious potential for professional growth.”

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