Mending Fences

We have numerous inquiries every week about fence regulations. The entire Fence Regulation can be found on the City of Jacksonville website:, under the Community Development Tab, Zoning Ordinance, Article 5.9-1, Supplemental Regulations.

Fences, having a height of not more than 6 feet, are permitted in the rear yard and side yards, determined by the projection of a line from the nearest front corner of the building, perpendicular to the side lot line. Fences, having a height of not more than 3 feet, are permitted in front yards. Makeshift material such as 2 x 4 lumber and plywood is not permitted, except for temporary protective barriers on properties undergoing construction or demolition activities. All fences shall be maintained in a structurally sound condition and otherwise in a neat and clean appearance. It is suggested that fences be placed 6inside property lines to make sure the fence is located on the correct property. It is the obligation of the homeowner to make sure the fence is on their own property.

Swimming pools shall be completely surrounded with a protective barrier, not less than 48above the grade, measured from the side that faces away from the pool. Pedestrian gates shall open outward, away from the pool, and shall be self-closing, and have a self-latching device.

A permit is required before erecting any fence, and state law requires you to call a one-call center such as JULIE at least two business days before any digging project, regardless of the project size or depth.

All of the city ordinances and the zoning map can be found on the city website under the Community Development Tab, along with all the permit applications.

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