Mother’s Volleyball League Celebrates 40th Anniversary

by Anna Ferraro

Moms. They’re the busiest people on the planet. Being a mom alone is a full-time job. Add to that another job in the workplace, and their days are beyond full. With stressing over doctor’s appointments, putting meals on the table, and getting children where they need to be, when they need to be there, how do they stay sane?

Close to 300 moms in the Jacksonville school district have a fun answer to that – volleyball – on 18 all-moms’ teams! Their level of involvement varies per team, but they usually meet weekly for games or practices. Olivia Mefford, just one of the many mom’s playing volleyball in the league says, “It’s a good way to connect with other moms that you might not normally have the time to get to know. You just see them in passing, in drop-off or pickup. Through the league, I have a way to get to know the other moms, and know that [I’m] not the only one stressed out with homework.”

On March 3-fifth, the Jacksonville Area Mother’s Volleyball League will host their 40th annual tournament – and it’s a pretty big deal! It’s a big deal for the mom’s who play together, and it’s a big deal for the dads who have to “play mom” for the weekend. Mefford chuckled, “It’s the weekend every husband hates…”

But it’s all for a good cause. Schools in the district take turns hosting the tournament each year. Any proceeds raised go to support needs within the school – whether that’s replacing water fountains, upgrading classroom supplies or equipment, or this year, for Salem Lutheran (the 2017 host school), they hope to be upgrading the locks on their office doors.

The weekend has a lot involved in it – spirit wear silent auctions, and concession stands with all the “fixin’s” – pork chop sandwiches, hot dogs, walking tacos, and some lighter snacks like fruit cups, as well. Mefford says, “I’ve already told my husband he’s cooking the pork chops for the weekend….” It’s a lot of work, but Mefford stated, “It definitely comes back to the school and benefits the students.”

As a shoutout to the community, Mefford said, “We want to thank everyone who has donated, whether it’s for ads, concessions or spirit wear. We’re so grateful for the community’s support.” This year, all the busy moms are trying to get all the fundraising completed before the tournament begins. Mefford explained, “It’s already a super busy weekend for us… Most of us have full-time jobs, raising a family, and we’re doing all this on the side.”

To learn how you can participate or donate to the Jacksonville Area Mother’s Volleyball League before the end of February, visit them on Facebook at

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