Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic

Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic

From the age of 10, Dr. Kasey Hall knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian.  During a farm call made by a local vet to the farm where she was boarding her horses she had all of her questions answered.   Her strong interest in science and medicine is what pushed her to pursue her love of Veterinary Medicine.  “I love a challenge and anything that allows me to use my critical thinking skills.  I have also experienced firsthand and seen in others the positive effects that come from the human-animal bond.  Being able to nurture that bond is a real treat!”

After Dr. Hall graduated from high school at Newton County Academy in 2004 she began classes at the local community college with an emphasis in pre-veterinary medicine.  She transferred to Mississippi State University majoring in Animal and Dairy Science.  “In 2007, after a lengthy and nerve-racking interview process, I was accepted to Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  4 years of intensive training and education later, I graduated in April of 2011 with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree! A long, and sometimes difficult road, but well worth it in the end!”  Hall began her career in a mixed animal veterinary clinic in Hattiesburg, MS.  She had also started dating Jacksonville native, Jeff Harper.

During a visit to Mason’s Deli in Murrayville, Jeff ran in to Dr. John Bourn of Bourn Veterinary Clinic.  Jeff jokingly asked if he was looking for any new associates, not knowing that Dr. Bourn had recently sent out fliers to the surrounding veterinary schools looking for a young veterinarian with an interest in eventually purchasing a practice.  “I contacted him soon after and set up a time to meet and interview with him.  The interview was great and in February of 2012, I started work at Bourn Veterinary Services.  Two years later, here I am.  I am the proud owner of the Murrayville Mixed Animal Clinic; a growing veterinary practice, with an awesome clientele, and a bright future!”

Dr. Hall says the most challenging transition has been the weather, but is extremely blessed to have moved to a place where she knew very few people and during the past two years, feels like she has found where she belongs.  She has become an active member of the church family at the First Christian Church of Jacksonville where she says it feels like home every single day and because of that, any challenges have been bearable for her.

Being a mixed animal practitioner, she loves the variety that comes with that destinction.  From cows to cats, she enjoys working with them all!  A strong interest in missionary work has also developed, she thinks in part to Dr. Bourn.  “I’ve heard so many wonderful and rewarding stories from him about his service in other countries that I can’t help but want to experience that for myself!”

Many goals for Dr. Hall are being set with this new life experience. “I will gradually be doing some remodeling and updating at the clinic. So, if anyone likes to paint, they’re more than welcome to stop by! I am currently promoting the ambulatory side of my practice and informing people that I do make farm calls.  I’m also in the process of learning American Sign Language so that I can better serve the local deaf community.  Eventually, I have plans to offer boarding to my small animal clients.  It’s all a work in progress, but one that I am looking forward to!”

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