A musical score, a Steinway piano and a Christmas ornament

A musical score, a Steinway piano and a Christmas ornament

by Anna Ferraro

What do musical alphabets, Steinway pianos and Christmas ornaments have in common with each other? In the brain of Josh Rhea, associate pastor and music minister at Westfair Baptist Church, and a key instructor at Westfair Christian Academy (WCA), they’re all part of his vision – promoting students’ passion for and enjoyment of music, and spreading the message of peace at this wonderful time of year.

It began in 2011, when Rhea wanted to gift a family with a bass guitar for their daughter to play. She had a musical interest, but could not afford to buy herself an instrument. Rhea took matters into his own hands – not only did he want to give her a guitar, he wanted to personalize it with her name – with a special musical twist.

In his office, he began researching musical alphabet fonts online, only to discover … there was no such thing! Rhea shares, “That is where my journey in designing the entire alphabet out of music notes and symbols began.”

He designed an alphabet, placed the lettering on the guitar and gifted the girl with the personalized instrument. She was delighted – and Rhea knew that his work had only just begun.

“After completing the alphabet, I thought that selling personalized musical note wall art would be a great fundraising idea for [Westfair] Academy’s music program. Any money made from our musical art is used to buy music and instruments for the students at our academy …”

So, he did. Rhea designed dozens of posters, banners and other pieces for students, friends and more. Everywhere his artwork went, it was met with unbounded enthusiasm from its recipients. With the help of his family, he channeled his creativity with fabulous productivity and A Musical Score was born (check them out at www.etsy.com/shop/amusicalscore).

“Our next adventure was Christmas cards and notepads,” continued Rhea. “We decided [in 2015] when we made our first ornament, ‘Noel,’ that we would do a series of three ornaments. We decided this year because of all the tumult that has gone on in our country that our theme should be ‘Peace.’”

But the Christmas ornament for 2016 was created for a specific cause – raising funds for refurbishing a Steinway piano for WCA. Purchased by the Parent Teacher Fellowship through a generous family in the community, Rhea shares, “It was a beautiful piano, but because of its age, it did need some tender loving care.”

Through selling their musical ornament, Rhea and his team raised most of the funds needed to refurbish this beautiful instrument – and at this point, they just need an additional $500. And you need a lovely new Christmas ornament. Sound like a deal?

American-made out of 16-gauge stainless steel and powder-coated in a stunning white, this lovely addition to your ornament collection can be yours for $15 (for in-person delivery) or $18 (with shipping). Dimensions are 6 inches by 2 inches. All proceeds go to WCA’s music program and the Steinway project. For questions, or to place an order, call or text Josh Rhea at 217-370-1125 or email him at pastorrhea@gmail.com.

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