New Illinois laws in 2024

Rules will affect wages, housing, e-cigarettes, animal adoption, book bans and more

By Eric A Thomas

On January 1, over 300 laws went into effect for the State of Illinois. Here are some highlights regarding what’s new in Illinois.

Laws associated with vehicles include:

– an amendment to an existing law that prohibits police officers from pulling a driver over solely on what is hanging from the rearview mirror (HB 2389).

– Pertaining to the purchase of vehicles, the customer can now do it solely from their couch! The car will be delivered to the driveway by the dealership and an electronic signature on any forms is good enough.

– A new law prohibits the driver using their cell phone to attend a Zoom call or Google Teams meeting while driving. This law is accompanied with a $75 fine (HB 2431).

– Minimum-wage was increased to $14 an hour and $8.40 will be the wage for tipped workers.

– Youths under the age of 18 can make up to $12 an hour with a 650 hour a year limit (PA 101-00010).

– Illinois workers will now be able to take paid time off. Most employers in the state will be required to provide 40 hours paid time off to the workers (820 ILCS 192: Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act). There are stipulations within the law about which people will have to educate themselves.

– A new law prohibits utility companies from cutting off gas or electric services for Illinois residential users because they haven’t paid their bill on days when the temperature exceeds 90 F, or when there is a heat advisory or warning (HB 1541).

– Also relating to housing, a new law prohibits landlord’s from discriminating against potential tenants based on their immigration status (SB 1817).

– One more law protects the tenant further. Residential landlords are prohibited now from requiring tenants to use ACH electronic bank payments to pay rent (A new section, 765 ILCS 705/4, has been added to the Illinois Landlord and Tenant Act).

– Regulating smoking in public places has been expanded. Under this new law, use of electronic cigarettes, or vapes, are prohibited in public places and within 15 feet of building entrances (Smoke Free Illinois Act, HB1540 / Public Act 103-0272).

– For military veterans in Illinois, animal shelters and control facilities are required to waive adoption fees (HB 2500).

– Illinois became the first in the nation to prohibit the banning of books at state-funded libraries. Books will not be allowed to be removed on the grounds of religious or partisan disapproval. Those libraries that remove books and receive state funding will face penalties (HB 2789).

– Also in regard to the education arena, all public schools, charter schools and nonpublic schools are required to maintain a supply of medication used to reverse an opioid overdose.

– Even construction companies will see changes. As new single-family homes and multi unit residential buildings are constructed, they will be required to have at least one electric vehicle-capable parking space for each unit. This includes the electric panel capacity and conduit needed for charging (SB 0040).

– One of the more divisive laws that Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law was House Bill 3751 that allows eligible non-US citizens in Illinois to become police officers.

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