No regrets eatings

No regrets eatings

By Lynn Colburn

No Regrets Cookies is having its grand opening celebration on Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20. Don’t miss it! The ribbon cutting will be at 10 a.m. on Friday, but the grand opening celebration will take place on Friday and Saturday both, offering face painting, balloons, giveaways, samples, raffles, refreshments and, of course, lots of cookies for sale. The new bakery is located at 1111 West Morton Ave., Suite 10 in Jacksonville.

Most everyone has his or her own favorite cookie, but with so many scrumptious choices at No Regrets Cookies, that singular favorite has a good chance of becoming plural favorites! The delectable cookie flavors include: s’mores, M&M’s, HEATH, Oreo, turtle, Reese’s, mint, Butterfinger, Twix, Milky Way, monster (think blue like Cookie Monster), lemon poppy seed, ultimate chocolate chip, loaded peanut butter, outstanding oatmeal raisin walnut, spectacular snickerdoodle, sugar and so many more.

Also, these aren’t your average-sized cookies, they are jumbo size! There are also cookies even larger than the standard jumbo-sized cookies if you want those. In addition, the store will soon have French macarons, decorated cookies (these can even be personalized with logos and more), and cupcakes. Beverages available include milk, coffee specialty drinks, hot and iced tea, sodas and energy drinks. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on the cookie butter, which comes in caramel, coffee and Snickers flavors. The cookie butters can be enjoyed as a fruit dip, on pancakes, over ice cream or whatever your imagination dreams up (the owners, the Turkes, say it keeps selling out).

This is a real family-oriented business created with love and thought. The enthusiastic and warm-hearted couple behind the new store, Peggy and Tab Turke, each had very high-stress careers prior to opening this charming and mouthwatering new store. Tab Turke is retired from the Morgan County Sherriff’s office and Peggy Turke had a busy career in healthcare. She said when she left healthcare, she wasn’t ready to retire all together yet. So, the Turkes discussed what they could do together.

Peggy Turke says she has baked all her life and won her first ribbon for baking when she was eight years old with 4-H. Baking seemed a good direction. The couple was also inspired by a big cookie that Tab Turke had brought home from New York. So, Peggy Turke decided to create her own unique brand of cookies (although her husband’s friends teased him that they should have opened a donut shop). Her cookies are bigger, original and creative. Plus, they are even individually wrapped, “because Peggy is very particular,” according to Tab Turke. He says, “She has always been brilliant as a cook and at whatever she does.” Peggy Turke does the creating and cooking and Tab Turke does delivery, packaging and outside sales. They came up with the business name when they were talking and he asked, “Who can regret a cookie?” It just clicked.

They chose a busy time for their family to have No Regrets Cookies’ grand opening since the weekend before was filled with wedding festivities of Tab Turke’s son, Ryne. Thankfully, their son, Nathan, came in and covered the store while they went to the bridal luncheon and the rehearsal dinner. Moreover, the whole blended family chips in when they are needed, include Ryne’s new bride, Erin, who plans to help out when she isn’t teaching.

“The store took a lot of time to plan. We’ve been working on the idea for the past year,” says Turke. “We wanted to do it locally and have it in the right location, with perfect colors and décor and have enough parking for customers. We think we found the perfect location in Cedar Commons.” They used local suppliers for signage, appliances, décor and everything else they could get locally. Inside of the new store, it is charming. It is painted with soothing colors and splashed with special touches, such as coffee bag pillows they made, a Cookie Monster cookie jar, a vintage Kojak lamp with a cookie pop in Kojak’s hand, plus family photos displayed behind the cookies to make it extra homey. They have a small coffee bar that will expand in the fall and winter months. Outside, there are a few tables and chairs for people to relax on nice days. The location also has Wi-Fi so students from the local colleges or people from local businesses can come and use it while they get coffee and cookies. No Regrets Cookies is currently open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. They may expand hours at some point, but Peggy Turke wanted to have a day to just cook and, of course, also a little downtime.

“We not only have the store, but we also deliver cookies around town and ship them throughout the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska.” Tab Turke says, “We have an online store and have been shipping anywhere from 10-30 boxes a day, depending on the day. Mother’s Day was very busy for us.” They ship in beautiful packaging and each cookie in its box, as it is in the store, is individually wrapped to keep it as fresh as possible. “Everything is sold or shipped within 36 hours or less to make sure our product is always fresh,” says Peggy Turke. Cookies can be ordered online at Online clients have written, “They are some of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted, and they were packaged so well they made the trip to Maryland unbroken,” and, “They are amazing! Best cookies I have had in a very long time.”

No Regrets Cookies did a soft opening in late June to make sure everything was running smoothly before the grand opening. Peggy Turke says that since they opened their doors, all the businesses around have been very supportive. “People from Blue Cross Blue Shield walk over on their lunch hour; we’ve had people from Zen Nails come in and get a cookie for their child and come back in for themselves later. One man came in and bought several cookies, went to his car and came back a few minutes later saying that he ate both cookies and had promised his wife he’d bring her one,” she laughed..

The Turkes are obviously enjoying every minute of their new business, even if it takes a lot of time. Their smiles and enthusiasm can be felt the moment you step in the store. Tab Turke says, “Even when she has been working all day, Peggy comes home happy and smiling.”

No Regrets Cookies is the business name. Similarly, “no regrets” follows in line with how the Turkes feel about opening up their new store. No Regrets Cookies is a business that will bring lots of smiles to so many!

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