A not-so-typical third-grader uses her crafting skills for a cause

Nevaeh Matthews, a third-grader here in Jacksonville likes a lot of things that are typical for other girls her age – dance, baseball and art projects. “I like to be creative and make things,” said Matthews. But now, she doesn’t just make things for the sake of creativity – her designs have a purpose.

And that’s where her not-so-typical side appears. In addition to being quite adept at producing lovely little arts and crafts projects, she possesses a shrewd entrepreneurial bent and a heart to help others.

She shared, “When my baby cousin had to have organ surgery, my aunt and uncle went to the Ronald McDonald House to stay. I decided I could raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.”

Her generous idea was born this summer, and August 1, she began. After doing some online research and brainstorming, Matthews said, “We had some mason jars laying around the house, and I thought, ‘Let’s make some things out of those.’” With the support of her parents, Matthews fused her creativity with action, and with that, “Nevaeh’s Creations” was born.

Matthews says, “We turned our book room into our craft room” – and there she spends 4-5 hours a week – crafting for a cause. On a side note, she admitted that the demands of her business are good motivation to get her homework done faster!

“We’re using pallets and cutting the pallets into boards – we paint them, stain them and we’re making candles … we put them in jars – using scents …” Still, it’s not just crafting candles and cutting wood. Matthews shares that many of her projects have a personalized and artistic touch, saying, “We can put words on things.” Recently, Matthews has added homemade soy candle melts for warmers to her business – a delightful and eco-friendly addition to any home.

Her creations include homemade soy candles, Mason jar and pallet creations, dream catchers and jewelry displays. In addition, she’s made adorable mailbox and key holders, pallet picture holders, as well as pet treat and leash holders. Her styles are both classic and original, and the perfect blend of artistry with simplicity.

With the help of her parents, Matthews continues to grow her business, setting up a display at Inner Harmony, hosting a Facebook page and setting up booths at some vendor events. In general, she states that her goal is “to raise as much money as we can.” In the future, more specifically, one of her goals is to switch to supporting a different charity every six months.

Since beginning her business in August, Matthews has raised almost $500 – a number that she hopes will continue to grow! And towards that end, she continues to work – cutting, creating, crafting and selling. Day after day, Nevaeh Matthews is “crafting for a cause,” and working to raise money to support the Ronald McDonald House.

To view her work, visit her Facebook page – www.facebook.com/nevaehscreation, or to purchase her products, go visit her display hosted at Inner Harmony.

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