FOP event at Morgan County Fair

The top three pictures are Drew Baldridge and his band playing the guitar on stage, posing with the guitar, and signing the case.  The next three are where we took the guitar to the crash site and the dedication sign.  Trace Adkins is wearing the hat signing the case.  The one with all of the officers in the picture is Midland posing with officers working, my family and the family of the guy with the guitar.  The two with the guy wearing the tan hat is Midland playing the guitar on stage.  The last one is the lead singer of Midland signing the case.

The guitar was created by Bad Bart Guitars and is a dedication to all of the men and women that were killed in the line of duty in 2016.   The front of the guitar has the thin blue line on it and is made to look worn to show the wearing down of officers over the course of their career.  On the back is all of the names of officers killed in the line of duty in 2016.  The guitar will be raffled off in Nashville, TN in August of 2017 at the National FOP conference.  Tickets can be bought online at  All ticket sales will benefit the police memorial fund to help the families of fallen officers.  There is a facebook page to show pictures of artists signing the case, playing the guitar, or posing with the guitar.  There have been approximately 50 artists so far that have signed the case.

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