One man band with Diverse Services

While talking with Jeff Sexton (whom i perceived as a very good natured man), he described of his business Diverse Services and Repair his portrayal was clear and insightful. Diverse Services and Repair is a single building and a single man repairing outdoor power equipment for the community and aspiring to be a retailer. Living in Greene County with his wife and two kids, Sexton was asked frequently by his neighbors and friends if he could repair outdoor power equipment, and around two years ago he founded Diverse Services and Repair to do just that.

Transitioning from a stay at home dad to a business owner, Sexton continued to be very popular and is said to be reliable and professional. Sexton moved the business to Jacksonville on January 1st of this year. The move was a result of his kids going to school closer to Jacksonville, making it easier for him to pick them up and drop them off. Moving the business to Jacksonville creates an uncertainty however, and Sexton says he’s,” testing the waters,” right now. He works by himself on all the equipment that comes in, describing himself as a,” one man band.” Also as he is working out of one building, Sexton hopes to expand into retail and start selling his own outdoor power equipment.

Independently starting and running Diverse Services and Repair is both a huge feat and challenging task for Sexton. Describing the best way to support this local business he said,” I get lots of customers and supporters, but the best way to help is to just spread the word and provide me with more service.” Seeing as how Sexton went from a stay at home dad that turned to a business owner and looking to become a retailer, local awareness and service is crucial to Diverse Services and Repair’s survival. Helping this community business evolve from a repair service into a repair and retail service as well would be both beneficial and fruitful to the community.

Wrapping up the conversation, I asked Sexton how long he planned on staying in Jacksonville. According to Sexton,” As long as customers come in with broken equipment, I’ll be here to fix it and someday sell them new ones, too.” As I see it Diverse Services and Repair is a strong provider to the community, and Sexton’s vision of retailing would only benefit Jacksonville’s citizens.

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