Open House Print Shop: not your normal print shop

Open House Print Shop: not your normal print shop

By: Alexia Helmer

We do a lot more than just print t-shirts,” Jakeb Marsh, president and co-owner of Open House Print Shop, told me during our interview. Marsh and Eli Newman have been working on the building and branding of their printing company since 2011. “Everybody involved in Open House is kind of like our group of friends we grew up playing music with … we had some friends in the industry and we knew that we could get into printing t-shirts and have some support,” Marsh told me.

Having started their business in Winchester after raising the money to buy printing equipment, the guys jumped head first into the t-shirt printing business, even without much prior experience. In December of 2014, they bought out the previous t-shirt printing business, Hole in the Wall, and in January of 2015 opened up shop at 235 East Douglas Avenue in Jacksonville.

Aside from their work creating graphic-based prints, Marsh and Newman also work to open many doors for their community. After recently working with Serious Lip Balm to help them expand their business, Khara Koffel, co-owner of Serious Lip Balm, had nothing but good words to share about the crew: “The guys that run Open House have not only been incredible to work with from a business perspective, but they are all intensely creative and dedicated. Working with them on our shirts and web design have been some of the best decisions we have made as a company.” The team at Open House strive to find more ways to service their local and national customers, but they also make a point to stay involved in the community and help to raise money for other businesses and charities.

The future of Open House Print Shop seems to be open to interpretation as they are continually advancing technologically and adamantly building their skill set. “We’ve kind of solidified the team,” Marsh explained, “and now we’re doing a variety of media productions … if it’s graphic based, we’re figuring out how to do it or we can already do it.”

As Marsh, Newman and the rest of the team continue to grow in all sorts of directions, it’s probable that their business will continue to branch out, as well. “Home base will always be Jacksonville because of our background, and the way our team is set up, I foresee us doing a lot of traveling.” Marsh’s words ring true as he shared with me that the company’s clientele spans from Nashville to Austin to Los Angeles and beyond; and they’ve just accepted a deal with Texas Guitar Shows to be in charge of their marketing, web design and photography/videography.

From bumper stickers to web design and photography/videography, these guys are clearly learning how to do it all as they continue to focus on their love for the people and the businesses that compose Jacksonville; for Open House Print Shop, it’s not about selling shirts and making money, it’s about building and succeeding in their relationships with the community.

Check out the work and progress of the Open House Print Shop team’s web design, photography/videography, graphic design, promotional products and t-shirt printing on Facebook, Instagram, or stop by the shop.

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