Outside fun at Presbyterian Day Care

  • Stevie Clark (10), Katelyn Young (10), Colton Dixon (8) and Natalie White (10) present the bird feeders that each of them made in their Primary 3 class at Presbyterian Church Day Care Center in Jacksonville.
  • The class looks on as the Mentos are first dropped into the Diet Coke and only a small mushroom of reaction begins to raise out of the 2-liter.
  • As the Mentos react with the Diet Coke, a bigger “explosion” occurs for the students to watch and enjoy.
  • Teacher Sasha White cracks up in the background as student Stevie Clark attempts to get more of a reaction from the Mentos at the bottom of the Diet Coke bottle by shaking it after the initial explosion has already occurred.

By Kyla Hurt
Photos/Kyla Hurt

Like most children, the kids at Presbyterian Church Day Care Center in Jacksonville are ready to play outdoors once the weather turns nice.

The Primary 3 class recently took advantage of warmer days with outdoor projects. Classroom teachers Shelle Dixon and Sasha White said the kids had created many different crafts and various experiments for the week of Easter.

One example was bird feeders, made with bird seed, string, toilet paper rolls and peanut butter. White had returned from the store with all the necessary items to create them and ended up picking up parrot bird seed instead of standard bird seed, so the class explained that they had been jokingly giving her a hard time all week, saying how the feeders would be great for all the “wild parrots, cockatiels, hookbills and lovebirds” on the church grounds where the kids would hang the feeders. “I think they’ll still eat it,” laughed White.

Another project and what was the resounding favorite of the class, was called “Coke and Mentos.” It was clearly liked because of the action.

Dixon explained that Diet Coke seemed to work best from what they had tried; also, it was important to use the original mint-flavored Mentos and not the fruit-flavored kind. It wasn’t clear which child said it, but someone exclaimed, “It’s epic!”

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