Passavant Area Hospital’s 21st Annual Duck Race for Lifeline

I personally want to thank the community and surrounding areas for supporting the 21st Annual Duck Race for Lifeline. I believe in the Lifeline Program and in its ability to help people and save lives.  At Passavant Area Hospital, we care about people and want to make their lives healthier, happier and safer.  Again this year, the support for the Lifeline Duck Race Mission made it another success, not only monetarily, but in awareness of what Lifeline can do.  People supporting Lifeline is making a difference in the lives of other people. As Director of Volunteers and Lifeline, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the individuals and groups who were instrumental in this fundraising mission. Thank you to WLDS, “What’s On Your Mind,” who gave us the opportunity to increase awareness of Lifeline and to talk about the purpose of our Passavant Lifeline Duck Race Mission.  A special thank you goes to Passavant Hospital Volunteers, Terri Campbell, Joyce Dufelmeier, Judy Farmer, Darlene Groth, Barbara Hansmeier, Sonnie Heyer,  Winnie Locher, Karen Nolan, Jean Shafer, Lynn Stremming and Harold Wilson, who prepared the “Ducks” for the big race by counting and checking each duck to make sure they were numbered correctly.

 The following  Passavant volunteers did an outstanding job in making duck tickets available to Passavant employees and to the public: Carolyn Ackley, Donna Adams, Mary Jo Barker, Sharon Beniach, Rama Brennan, Frances Brown, Terri Campbell, Sandy Cors, Joyce Dufelmeier, Shirley Dufelmeier, Sharon Edwards, Judy Farmer, Patty Fitzpatrick, Tom Goldsborough,  Sharon Grams, Darlene Groth, Hannah Hamilton,  Barbara Hansmeier,  Sonnie Heyer, Linda Hutton, Elaine Hynes, June Kesterson, Marilyn Kimmons, Mari Liter, Dixie Little, Winnie Locher, Judy Martin, Donna Mason,  John Mattes, Buck McAllister, Mary McCloskey, Aileen  Medlock,  Rosemary Miller,  Adah Mitchell,  Connie Mudd,  Linda Mueller, Teresa Nash, Karen Nolan, Sharon O’Brien, Karen Overbey, Maria Panella, Marie Paul,  Pat Pennell, Pat Rawlings, Judy Rhoads, Debbie Richards, Jean Shafer, Sonie Smith, Rosella Spreen, Lynn Stremming,  Peyton Tosh, Connie Walker, Larry Weber, Roxie Werries, Jo Westberg, Sheri and Joel Westerfield, Sandy Winkelman and Nancy Wynn.  Ace Hardware, Buchheit, County Market, Kirlins, J.C. Penney, Farm & Home Supply and  Shopko stores  graciously allowed these volunteers to set up tables in their stores where they offered Lifeline Duck Race tickets to the public.

Thank you to Kelly Hall, Superintendent of Parks & Lakes, for securing the location of Nichols Park for the Duck Race and his crew for making sure everything was in place.

 A “Happy Thank You” to the Community and to the Schools and Day Cares who participated with their Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade children in the Lifeline Duck Coloring Contest.  This new attraction put smiles on the faces of children and added to the fun and excitement of the day with over 500 entries on display at the Duck Race.

 A sincere thank you goes to Bruce Selway, Jacksonville-Morgan County Underwater Search & Rescue Dive Team,  his sons Andy and Dan and daughter Katie Selway, for setting up the water course and floatation devices, as well as retrieving the ducks after the completion of the race.  This has become a “Family Tradition” for the Selway family. The “Selway Flock” includes, Bruce and wife Terri, their two sons, Andy and Dan, two daughters, Katie and Becky with two granddaughters Annabelle and Madeline.  All were on hand to support this event. How fortunate we are to have this family as a part of our Lifeline team. 

 A big thank you to Passavant Area Hospital Plant Engineering Department, Jon Whalen for making and getting the necessary equipment in working order for the race, and a special thank you to Butch Morris, Raymond Christison and Chris Fairfield for accepting the responsibility of transporting the ducks to and from the race site, as well as getting the ducks in the water for the race.

 The Community Summer Band provided excellent pre-race entertainment, while the Grotto Bus made available to the public a delightful selection of food and soft drinks.  The participation of these groups complemented our effort and was greatly appreciated by all.

The Jacksonville Fire Department, under the direction of Fire Chief Doug Sills, was on the scene with their fire truck and hoses to put into motion the ducks on the water to begin the race. Thank you so much for being there for us.  

 A very sincere thank you to Judy Farmer our very own Lifeline Mascot Duck “Buttons”, whose presence at the Duck Race added that special touch to everyone in attendance.

My appreciation goes to our Lifeline Race Officials, Greg Lepper, Chair Board of Directors; Doug Rahn, President & C.E.O; and Dave Bolen, Vice President & C.F.O. of Passavant Area Hospital.  

 I would like to thank volunteers, Tom Anthony,  Patty and Kenny Crews, Madi Fellhauer, Tori Fellhauer, Barb Hansmeier, Marilyn Kimmons, Pam Martin, Tyler Reeves, Debbie Richards, Marge Smith, Nancy Smith,  Bill Stoner, Linda Swisher, Connie Walker and Larry Weber who helped with activities of the day as well as the set up and take down the day of the race. 

 I was extremely impressed with Boy Scout Troop 125 from Ashland, IL, under the direction of Dick Gutmann, Scoutmaster Troop 125 and Marni English, Cub Scout Leader Pack 125. The following scouts, Owen Bell, Tanner Birch, Leland English, Marshall English, Carter Logue and Callium Smith washed over 3,000  ducks in record breaking time.

 The Volunteer Department staff, with the assistance of Passavant volunteers Isaac Anderson, Mary Jo Barker, Terri Campbell, Madi Fellhauer, Tori Fellhauer, Barb Hansmeier, Sharon O’Brien, Debbie Richards, Lynn Stremming and Connie Walker sorted the ducks and put them into hibernation until next years race.

 I sincerely appreciate the teamwork of the Volunteer Department Staff, Zorica Haywood, Phyllis Stoner, Laura Wankel and Annette Woods as we worked together toward the success of the Lifeline Fund Raising Mission for 2015.

 Last but not least, I want to thank the Passavant Hospital Employees, Volunteers and Auxiliary members, clubs, organizations, the people and businesses of Jacksonville and the surrounding communities for their donations and support to allow Passavant Area Hospitals 21st Annual Duck Race for Lifeline  to be successful.

 I truly appreciate each and every one of you who came to Nichols Park to listen to the great sounds from the Community Summer Band, to visit the Grotto Bus and who sat in their lawn chairs on the banks of Nichols Park and cheered the ducks to the finish line to show your support. It was a fun day for all of those in attendance.   

 I am proud of the commitment shown by Pam Martin, Executive Director of Fund Development; Monica Eoff, Director of Community Relations, as well as Kevin Eckhoff  and Liz Scott, both of Community Relations; Environmental Services crew, under the leadership of Manager, Kerri Barton,  Larry Ruyle, Laundry Manager; and  Plant Engineering under the leadership of Director, Phil Benz. 

 This year’s Annual Duck Race raised $33,500 which was put into a Lifeline Fund to provide updated Lifeline equipment and to give Lifeline grants to help those people who need Lifeline, but cannot afford Lifeline without assistance. 

 Please remember…Lifeline ducks are “little things” that can make a “big difference.”

 Jan Fellhauer, Director

Volunteers and Lifeline

Passavant Area Hospital

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