Poetry by Andy

By Andy Mitchell

Spider Poem

Minding your own business —

your business being nothing

short of climbing air

on invisible thread —

I know you are aware

of my presence,

as you react deftly

to my every move.

How do you dance

with all of those legs

as if partnered with your

-self in a perfect groove?

Prancing on well-chosen pegs,

defying fate with transparent armor,

you save yourself from my heedless wrath

with your own hypnotic grace.


Trash Day

Why does it mean so much to her to hear

that white truck coming up the lane?

Surely her days are not that dull.

Is it the sound

of movement on the lonely pavement

giving rhythm to her afternoon,

as she rocks back and forth

on the front porch, back

and forth, in and out of the past?

Perhaps it is the assurance   

of all that waste being taken

away. She has always kept

a clean house, and rarely keeps

anything around that isn’t

somehow useful.

No easy prey to sentiment

she’s not often moved to tears.

When she cries

you know it is with just cause.

Just as it was today, when she waved

to the young man who always has

a smile for her as he empties her

trash into his truck. How dignified

he is, doing dignified work.

This young man who reminds her of her own

boy who has for so many years been

missing in action.

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