PRAIRIELAND FS mYield Soybean Yield contest:

PRAIRIELAND FS mYield Soybean Yield contest:

Two winners result from this year’s crop of contestants

Prairieland FS is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 mYield Soybean Yield contest. This year’s mYield 100 soybean challenge has led to some exciting results. This growing season had its ups and downs, but two growers have risen to the challenge of increasing their soybean yields.

The contest was divided into two categories of non-irrigated field average yield and highest percent yield increase. Gary Martin of Morgan County took top honors in the non-irrigated field average yield with 95 bushels per acre. He achieved this yield using Asgrow 38XF1 seed. Keith Logsdon of Lewis County, Missouri, was the winner of the highest percent increase. Logsdon showed an increase of 20.95 bushels per acre over his standard practice using Asgrow 36XF1 seed. He had a 40.34% increase over his standard practice.

Both growers worked with their Prairieland FS crop specialist to develop a customized high yield program. They considered soil and field history to create a plan that would maximize production. Early planting and seed treatment helped get the beans off to a good early start and protect against SDS that is often seen in early planting windows. Another common practice applied was the use of fungicide, insecticide and foliar nutrition at R2/R3 growth stage. “It is exciting to see growers focus on increasing soybean yields. You know a few years ago, 100 bu/ac seemed so far away and now we see growers taking those steps in their high yield management systems that get them set up to achieve unbelievable soybean yields. We appreciate all the growers that participated in this year’s mYield 100 challenge,” said Larry Robinson, field insight training agronomist at Prairieland FS. For more information regarding the contest, please contact a local Prairieland FS crop speciates.

About Prairieland FS: Prairieland FS, Inc. was established in 2013 following the merger of Lincoln Land FS and Two Rivers FS. Now headquartered in Jacksonville, Prairieland FS is in 16 counties between Illinois and Missouri. The full-service agricultural and energy supplier is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services for the profitability of their customers. Prairieland FS hires specialists in Agri-Finance, agronomy, petroleum and propane. Growth in FS petroleum has led to numerous FAST STOP fueling and convenient store locations throughout Illinois and Missouri. In addition, FS trains staff in custom application, grain marketing and precision farming technologies.

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