Propkickers Fly-In

By Kyla Hurt

The Jacksonville Propkickers Model Airplane Club (PMAC) will once again be hosting a fly-in. For those who have paused to wonder as to any sort of loose definition of a “fly-in,” here’s a one-up:



Definition of fly-in

1: an act of flying to a destination planned the fly-in of the rescue planes

2: an outdoor theater planned for the patronage of persons remaining in their private planes — compare drive-in

3: a gathering (as at a small airport) of flying enthusiasts who arrive by private plane

Origin and Etymology of fly-in

from fly in, verb

Saturday, May 26 is the event date, and will be held at the club’s flying field, which is located at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and South Lincoln Road. Essentially, if you head south on Lincoln Avenue, you’ll just keep going until you hit the field directly in front of you (it’s about a quarter mile south of Minor Drive). The field coordinates are 39.692150º – 90.248108º for those who prefer a more event-appropriate address. Look for the Propkickers’ welcome sign at the entrance to the field. Flying starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 26, and continues through most of the day. A food vendor will also be on-site.

Avid flyers within the club, along with visiting flyers will be taking their models to the air throughout the day. The types of radio-controlled (RC) planes run the spectrum, varying with materials used, plane overall size, details and abilities of the model airplanes, just to name a few. There are many adjustable specs of anything being flown; plus, there’s cost. To those who think of the model airplanes made out of thin wood from back in the day, it could come as quite a surprise that the price range is also vast; one small, simple RC plane might be $75, whilst an advanced plane runs well into the thousands of dollars.

Spectators who wish to attend the fly-in are free, however. This is a great event for RC enthusiasts, amateur flyers and families alike. Though there is no charge for attending the event, visitors should note that parking space is limited.

This event attracts RC pilots from Roxanna, Galesburg, Quincy and other towns in Illinois. Additionally, pilots have visited from Iowa and Missouri. Last year’s event welcomed World Class Pilot Ali Machincy, a pilot from Australia. Jacksonville PMAC member Roger Russell noted that, “The Propkickers are pleased once again” to have Machincy at the event, along with Machincy’s 14-year-old son, Zavi. Russell noted that, “Ali will be attempting to break the (scale) Sound Barrier with one of his jets.” Machincy will attempt to do so a couple of times during the event. The fly-in will feature the following planes: aerobatic, WWI and WWII War Birds, scratch built, scale, foam, big and small, gas, nitro and electric.

Note: The club is looking for new members and asked that anyone talk to a member at the event or contact Roger Russell at (217) 473-2273.

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