Questions and Answers with Bobby Bonjean

Having stepped down from his position as Morgan County State’s Attorney just over a month ago, Bobby Bonjean has made the move to private law practice at his family-ran Bonjean Law Offices in Jacksonville. Recently, our staff at The Source was able to catch up with Bonjean to discuss this transition.

Q: Just a little over a month, tell me about going back to private practice:

A:“It has been very exciting. Honestly, it is hard to believe that a month has gone by already. The transition from the State’s Attorney’s office to private practice has been enjoyable. Dad and I are having a great time working together. In private practice, I feel I am in a better position to help people and make a difference in their lives.”

I’ve also been busy with Matthew Martin developing a website for the office –

Another positive aspect is that I’ve already traveled to two counties that I’ve haven’t been to professionally in 10 + years and visited with Judges, and courthouse employees that I haven’t seen in many years.”

Q: Are you acting as a normal attorney in your family practice or are you specializing in something?

A:“I’m focusing my practice in four main areas: Criminal/DUI/Traffic Defense, Family Law, Estate Planning and Probate Administration. The legal field has so many different areas that it is almost impossible to handle an issue in every area. Therefore, my specialization will be in those four areas. I’ve obviously been involved in criminal prosecution for the past decade so I have a level of expertise when it comes to those issues and with my father’s extensive family law experience, I get to learn from one of the best when it comes to divorce and parentage issues.”

Q: Your name was still listed as the guy running the Elks Hoop Shoot, you are out of Public Service but still doing community service?

A: “I’ve been very blessed in my life. Therefore, I believe it is appropriate to volunteer and give back to the community. I am co-chair with Mayor Ezard of the ELKS Local Hoop Shoot and I assist Larry Byers with the ELKS District Hoop Shoot. Retired Judge Tim Olson got me involved with the Hoop Shoot years ago and with my basketball background it is something I really enjoy being involved with.”

I currently serve as Treasurer of the Routt Alumni Association and as a Board member of the Routt Education Foundation. My wife is currently Chair of the 2016 RCHS/OSS Dreams campaign after I chaired the campaign 2 years ago. So we have plenty of meetings and events to keep us busy in addition to all of the activities that our two daughters participate in. So while my public service may be over, I may still be in the public eye from time to time.”

Q: Any comments on Gray?

A: “Gray is a really good friend. His oldest sister, Gail, and I were in the same class at Illinois College, so I have known the family for over 20 years. I know Gray is an excellent prosecutor and he will serve the citizens of Morgan County very well. I am also confident in the great staff of the State’s Attorney’s office and know that they will assist Gray as he transitions into the new role.”

Q: Anything else you would like to say?

A: “Thank everyone for all the support through the years and I look forward to helping the citizens of West Central Illinois in the years to come.”

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