RCHS National English Honor Society ceremony

  • Senior and junior members of the NEHS stand together at the recent recognition ceremony  on October 14.
  • Not only were 16 previously inducted seniors recognized, but 12 juniors were also welcomed to the RCHS Marilyn Merris Chapter of the NEHS.
  • RCHS 1987 graduate Amy Schwiderski spoke to the NEHS about the importance of writing.
  • Three students address the crowd.
  • NEHS Advisor Janet Chipman addresses the group at the ceremony.

Special to The Source

On the night of October 14, Routt Catholic High School (RCHS) had the privilege of recognizing some of their upperclassmen at the induction ceremony for Routt Catholic’s Marilyn Merris Chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS).

NEHS Advisor Janet Chipman organized the ceremony, and the group invited Amy Schwiderski, Routt Class of 1987, to give the address. Schwiderski spoke to the students about the importance of writing. More specifically, she asked the students to reflect upon the following themes when it comes to writing: power, purpose, passion and people. “As you put your pen to your paper, keep in mind to use your power to find your purpose and your passion … and never forget the people that were there to support you along the way,” said Schwiderski.

Routt Catholic not only recognized the 16 seniors who were inducted last year, but also welcomed 12 juniors who have met the criteria to be inducted this year. Criteria for membership includes attendance at Routt Catholic for at least one semester; completion of two years of high school English; an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale); and an English grade point average of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) in core English classes.  

Members of the 2021-2022 National English Honor Society include (senior officers) President Addie Dobson, Vice President Audrey Huffman, Secretary Justine Agsalda, Treasurer Alexa Schwiderski and Project Chairperson Anna Terwische; (seniors) Braden Cors, Natalie Evans, Tyler Headen, Caitlyn Horney, Kendall Jumper, Anna May, Kaitlin Miles, Hunter Mogg, Rachel Phillips, Ava Schilsky and Steven Schilsky; and (juniors) Amber Alvarado, Isaac Anderson, Delaney Baker, Daxton Baptist, Julia Beeley, Grace Geirnaeirt, Lilly Geirnaeirt, Kyler Gibson, Emily Kruzan, Will Merwin, Jaymee Vollmer and Ethan Walker.

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