Serious Lip Balm goes national

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 The company was founded by locals Megan Luckey and Khara Koffel
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Serious Lip Balm offers a wide variety of scented balms


Special to The Source Newspaper

Two local ladies set out to make Christmas gifts a year ago; what they didn’t know was that 12 months later, their product would be placed in locations throughout the Midwest and the east coast. “Serious Lip Balm” is an all-natural, homemade balm made with ingredients that you can easily pronounce. “We started out just making it as a gift,” said Khara Koffel, co-owner and associate art professor at MacMurray College. “Our friends loved it so much that we found ourselves taking orders,” she added. Megan Luckey, co-owner and a sign language interpreter throughout Illinois, originally met Koffel while attending MacMurray. “We just hit it off,” Luckey said. Since graduating, they both have taken what was a gift into a full-fledged business. “We have had so much support from friends, local businesses and the entire community that we are awestruck at times,” Luckey said.

Through word of mouth, outgoing personalities, ambition and the willingness to dance and have fun at vendor fairs, Koffel and Luckey have grabbed the attention of some nationwide buyers while attending product exhibitions and placing their balms in local shops and coffee houses, to name a few. “We were approached by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum to be a possible vendor at the gift shop,” Koffel said. “Excitement doesn’t even being to describe how we both felt,” Luckey added. The addition to the museum in Springfield helped them springboard Serious Lip Balm into two other museums, The Gettysburg museum store (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.) and the Ford’s Theatre store (Washington, DC). “We still can’t believe it,” Luckey said.

What makes them so unique, in addition to the all-natural flavors and the local aspect of their business, is that they offer a wide variety of scents that appeal to many; scents range from champagne, snickerdoodle, cinnamon honey or cabernet sauvignon to pizza. Yes, pizza. You also can’t forget to mention white chocolate & hazelnut latte, whiskey and key lime. “A winery in southern Illinois asked if we could recreate their specialty wines, and thankfully we managed to do just that in a lip balm. Now they love our product, and we’ve also be able to gain some shelf space at several vineyards in Illinois,” Koffel said. In addition to individual balms, consumers can purchase specialty bundles with different flavors and the ability to customize is an option, too.

For more information and to learn about what’s available, please visit Like Serious Lip Balm on Facebook and please visit etsy. You can keep in touch with Koffel and Luckey by reading their blog, seeing videos and the release of new scents and flavors.

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