Ski Leutz

The Source loves to share pictures of the Leutz family in their many waterskiing competitions. They started at Junior US Open on June 20-21 in Kansas. Ben Leutz won in slalom and Jonathan Leutz won in jump.

During the weekend of June 27-28, Leutz Lake hosted an event that has had the entire Leutz family in skis since that time. On July 18, the local Leutz Lake hosted Illinois State, which ended with the Ben Leutz jumping 208 and Jon Leutz jumping 197 (a first and second place finish). Ben Leutz and Savannah Leutz both also won at slalom skiing during that weekend.

This past weekend, the highly skilled family headed to the Midwest Regional Waterski Tournament. An injured Savannah Leutz placed first in Women’s 1 Slalom skiing. Dawn Leutz placed second in Women’s 4 Slalom skiing.

Darr Leutz placed fifth in Men 5 Slalom skiing. In the large competitive Men’s 1 group, Jonathan Leutz placed fourth in Trick, third in Slalom, first in Jump, and first overall! (Ben Leutz did not compete due to an injury.) The next tournament for the Leutz family is nationals.

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