Supping soup at Liter Baptist

We do it for an outreach mostly to bring in new and old friends for fellowship and just maybe someone that needs a church to attend,” says Kelly Quigg, owner of Wade & Dowland Office Equipment, along with her husband, Steve Quigg. The Quiggs are also part of the congregation for Liter Baptist Church, just north of Jacksonville in Literberry. The church has an upcoming soup supper March 11 from 4-6 p.m. Kelly Quigg says that money raised will then go “toward the youth for the community such as Awana, our shut-ins … and we are in early stages to build a new sanctuary just south of our new fellowship hall that was completed in 2013.” Smiling, Quigg adds, “Plus, all us Baptists like to eat!” The Quiggs are co-chairs for the event, along with Bill and Bettiegail Dyche. Pictured is the newer fellowship hall. The suppers have been taking place for at least 25 years, thought Quigg.


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