Teas, Shakes and Coffee, Oh My!

  • Jack’s Nutrition is located at 1521 W. Walnut Street, Suite G across from Jacksonville Memorial Hospital (formerly Passavant Area Hospital).
  • Customers getting a Grinch from the holiday menu at Jack’d.
  • Co-owner Ciara Jones with the new Holiday Menu.
  • Co-owner Alysa Stinebaker behind the counter at Jack’d Nutrition.
  • Reusable Cups for sale at Jack’d Nutrition for those who like to limit the use of plastic cups.

By Lynn Colburn

The demand for energy drinks is clearly trending upward. The old classic energy drinks have definitely changed in this new trend. No longer are people looking for the old energy drinks with lots of caffeine and sugar, today people are more aware of sugar content, caffeine and vitamins in their drinks. They also look for new, engaging flavors and natural ingredients. They want drinks to help increase energy, boost immunities and replace meals.

Jack’d Nutrition is definitely filling that demand in Jacksonville. Across from Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, they offer healthy protein shakes packed with vitamins and mineral and a variety of unusual tea flavors. Some drinks have caffeine, some a little caffeine and some no caffeine. There are also gluten-free, dairy-free, protein-free and sugar-free options. There are healthy items for all age ranges also.

“All of tea drinks are sugar-free in a variety of unique flavors that help give people energy without the crash, the healthy shakes packed with vitamins and mineral have less than 15 grams of sugar and our new coffee drinks all have only 2 grams of sugar,” explains Alysa Stinebaker who co-owns Jack’d Nutrition along with her sister Ciara Jones.

“Meal replacement shakes, healthy energy drinks, and now protein coffees that we have added. No one particular thing stands out as the best seller. They are all pretty even across the board. And this is the season for colds and flus and the boosts drinks help everyone keep a little ahead of that.”

The sisters own two other “clubs” as Stinebaker refers to the shops. All three were opened in 2021. Each named differently, although they all have the same menu. AyyCee Nutrition in Mount Sterling (a play the sister’s names) opened in March, Pike Nutrition in Pittsfield opened in May and Jack’d Nutrition in Jacksonville opened in Oct.

Stinebaker said, “My addiction actually gave me the idea. There is a similar nutrition club in Quincy that I was visiting often. So, one day I threw it out there to my sister and said, do you think we could do something like this? We talked amongst ourselves and talked to the owner of that shop and decided it was something we wanted to do.”

Stinebaker, who lives in Pike county with her husband, has background as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and massage therapist. “So have been all things bodyworks,” she says. When the sisters decided to start this business, she got out of the personal trainer/nutrition business and currently only does the massage therapist business on a part time basis as the stores have kept her busy. She says she is more centrally located between each of the stores than Ciara.

Jones, a cosmetologist and before this was a dental assistant, lives in Camp Point with her husband and daughter, Hazel, who comes to the stores with her at times. Therefore, the Mount Sterling location is the most convenient for her.

“As we have opened each additional store,” says Stinebaker, “our employees in the other stores have stepped up and are takin on more hours while we get Jack’d Nutition up and running.” Although both sisters try to spend time in each of the stores.

Stinebaker says, “Of course, I will share my nutrition knowledge if people have questions about conditions that require them to avoid foods or other dietary restrictions like dairy-free and gluten-free and things like that.” She says both of the sisters do a lot of research if anyone has any questions they cannot answer right away.

“The community has been really great,” says Stinebaker about Jacksonville. “Everyone is really excited and everyone has been very positive. And the gyms have been very supportive also.”

Jack’d Nutrition offers frequent-buyer cards which work at each of its locations. In addition, the store has Christmas mugs available for sale in Jacksonville.

Hours through the week are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The club will also be open on Sundays 10 a.m-2 p.m. beginning Dec. 19.

Stinebaker explains, “This store is open later than other locations because we wanted to be open for hospital staff going into their late-night shifts or for visitors seeing patients.” And, of course, when the ballfields get busy again, they expect visitors from there to come by also.

She said they are currently busy several times in the day which seem to coincide with people traveling to work, coming in during work breaks and coming after workouts. However, they are still getting an idea of busy hours as more people discover them.

For those who are in a hurry or on the go, call 217-271-1343, and place an order or order on Jack’d Nutrition’s Engage app and join its frequent buyer club in the Flex app.

Try out this new addition to the Jacksonville area. You will go back again and again to try all the different offerings on the menu. Continue to support all our local businesses.

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