“Thankful For”

Students from Salem Lutheran School tell us what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“Thankful For”

Seventh and Eighth Grade

Julian- I give thanks to my family, the food I eat, my leopard Gecko, my room, our cats, our dogs, and my Xbox

Joshua- I am thankful for Jesus dying on the cross

Aidan- I am thankful for my family

Bella- I am thankful for my parents

Ben- I am thankful for…?

Camden- I am thankful for…?

Lily- I am thankful for mom

Harrison- I am thankful for God

Gabriel- I am thankful for mom


Our thanksgiving blessing is our food

Usually I see my family

Reading the bible is a blessing

The blessings come every day

Having a family is one

And having tons of friends

Never will my blessings go away

Know that I have many blessings

Special blessing is Jesus

God creates wonderful blessings

I am God’s child

Very blessed by all of these blessings

I know that God loves me

Nice to have Jesus’s grace

God is so good

Being a human is one

Learning about God at Salem

Eating good food

Seeing my family every day

Seeing my friends at school

I have too many blessings to count

Numbers are kind of one

God made my family

Special child of God


Our family is blessing

Use my blessings to help others

Really thankful for Jesus

Thankful that aunt Leta loves me

Have tons of blessings

Always have lots of food

Never without a blessing

Kindness everywhere

See others showing kindness

God gave me many blessings

I love the wonderful blessings on Thanksgiving

Very thankful aunt Leta prays for me

I am thankful for Salem Lutheran School

Nice blessings on Thanksgiving

God gave me a good house to live in

Blessed to learn about Jesus at school

Lots of blessings are around the world

Every day my friends help me

School Is a good school

Special teachers help me learn

I am blessed to go to Salem

Nice to have a good family

God gives us wonderful blessings

Special child of God


Our God is good

Up in the Sky our God lives

Remember to thank God for our blessings

Thankful for God making me

happy for God making my family

And my dog is special to me

Now I can share my blessings

Kindness is a blessing to me

So many blessings to count

God shares his blessings with me

I pray to God

very thankful for my dog Lacy

I love my family

Now God has blessed us

God helps me every day

Blessings from God are special

Love my family

Everything I do is a blessing to God

Son of God is special

So many blessings I can’t count them all

I am thankful for God every day

Now Thanksgiving is a blessing to me

God sent Jesus to die on the cross

Seeing my family makes me happy


One Thanksgiving blessing is our food

Usually I see my family

Reading the Bible is a blessing

That I can see is a blessing

Having Jesus in our heart

And having a great family

Nature is a great blessing from God

Knowing that God loves me

Son of God is very good to me

God is so good every day

I am living is a blessing from God

Very blessed by God giving me food

I am thankful that God made me!

Nice to go to Salem Lutheran school

Get to learn about Jesus

Blessed by God every day

Love my family always

Everyone is kind

Seeing my friends everyday

Sharing our blessings with others

I am loved by my family

Nice to learn God loves me

Good to be kind

Special child of God

Kristin Norris

Our Thanksgiving blessings

Usually my friends play with me

Running is so good to get exercise

Thankful for God’s love

Having a good house to live in

Always thankful for Grammy loving me

Never without a blessing!

Kindness and others

School is good for learning

God is so good to me!

I am thankful for my mom

Very loving is my Grammy

I am loved

Nice to have my Bible

God loves me

Blessed to be God’s child

Learning from the Bible

Every day God gives me lots of blessings

Specially blessed by God

Specially blessed by the seasons

I can see my mom my dad my cat and my dog

Nice mom, you are so good to me

God gave me a good school

Special day of baptism


Our Thanksgiving blessing is our food

Usually I see my family

Really thankful for my teacher

The Bible is very important to be thankful for

Having a great family is a very special blessing

Always I am thankful for going to Dan’s house

Now God has given me the best blessings

knowing that all my blessings come from God

Son blessings are like having a caring dad

God blesses me by loving me

I am thankful to play with my cousin Luke

Very thankful for my home

I am thankful for Jesus

Nice food that Aunt Judy makes a special to me

God blessed me by Jesus dying on the cross

Blessed by God creating me

Love is one of my blessings

Every one of my friends are a blessing

So thankful that I am a part of God’s family

Special to have a great mom and dad

I am thankful for the blessings I receive from God

Nana is a great blessing

God is the most important blessing

So many blessings I can’t count them all


One of our blessings is to have friends

Usually I can see my family

Running can get you exercise

The food that we can eat is a blessing

He (Jesus) gave us water to drink

All the plants are a beautiful blessing

Nature is a great thing to be thankful for

Kissing your mom or dad is a special blessing

Sometimes traveling to see relatives is a good one

God giving us Jesus is a really good blessing

I can see my parents is a blessing

Victory in Jesus is an amazing blessing

I can believe in Jesus is a great blessing!

Needs are a blessing in my perspective

Giving others’ gifts is an awesome thing

Being able to go to church is a nice blessing

Lessons of how to read write in love are great blessings

Eating good foods like apples, carrots, lettuce, and other fruits and vegetables

Sometimes hearing special sounds is a good blessing

Seeing my family is a better one

I think being able to give money to the poor is another blessing

Now having a mother and a father is a good one

Getting to have food to eat in water to drink is an amazing one

Stories can help you know more things, so it is a good blessing


One Thanksgiving blessing is our food

Use a special prayer for my blessings

Remembering my family that comes over

Thankful for staying healthy

Here we are thankful that everyone gets along

And we are thankful for the little children

Now we are thankful for the sounds of laughing

Kindness is everywhere

Sometimes I can share my blessings

God gives us this wonderful day!

I am thankful Jesus is the greatest blessing of all

Very blessed by God for giving me this lovely Thanksgiving

I am blessed that we have a wonderful Thanksgiving each year

Never run out of blessings

God blesses me on Thanksgiving and always

Blessed going to Salem Lutheran school

Lily helps me with my blessings

Everyone coming at Thanksgiving is a big blessing

Special blessings make me happy

Seeing wonderful things at Thanksgiving

I am so glad that we have Thanksgiving

Nice blessings can be shared with everyone

God makes wonderful blessings

Special blessings from God every day

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