That 1 Place

  • Ryne and Erin Turke.
  • Turke is with Dessa and Bruce Surratt during the Jacksonville Kiwanis 10th annual .5K.
  • Turke stands with the Brown’s Fit Club outside of Brown’s Shoe Fit.

by Eric A Thomas

In a world plagued with negative situations, sometimes you need to find the positives to distract you. One local man believes there are a lot of positive things going on in our own backyards with the amazing people and places of Jacksonville.

That 1 Place is the brainchild of Jacksonville native Ryne Turke. “I love my hometown and I have this city to thank for countless memories, friendships and incredible moments,” he states.

“In a sense, these episodic shows are my way of giving back to a city that’s given me so much.” Turke is taking his background and combining the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube to show the world what is great.

Turke graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2011 with a degree in communications. When he returned home, he purposely decided to be more involved in his community. Being the sports director at Fitness World Health Club, he has gotten to know many people. If you don’t recognize him face-to-face, many people may have heard his voice over the years through WLDS-WEAI as a sportscaster and former news director. With his degree and vocational experiences, Turke has been exposed to what is great about Jacksonville. “With so many people in this community going above and beyond to give back and help others, I wanted to do my part in sharing the good news,” he adds.

Since he started That 1 Place in February, he has created close to 20 features on video of local businesses, restaurants, athletic entertainment, special events and special groups. Teaming up with his wife, Erin, the Turke Production team write the scripts, interviews those involved, handles the filming on location, edits content and does voiceover work in putting it all together in their home studio (better-known in the Turke home as the guest bedroom). Each presentation is 4-7 minutes long and is 100% free to the subject. “Those involved always end up showing their appreciation through gift cards or other friendly gestures,” says Turke.

“That’s just a classic example of Jacksonville people taking care of each other.”

The first feature was on The Illinois Theater, a pillar of the community since the 1800s and a special place for the Turkes. This was where Ryne Turke pulled off a special proposal to his wife. The other locations, events or groups featured thus far have been Jax Yoga, Our Town Books, Green Haven, Los Rancheros, Lazy Laker, Sally’s Grill & Chill, Brown’s Shoe Fit, ProActive Chiropractic Care & Rehab, Destination Toys, Jacksonville Roller Hockey, the Waverly Holiday Tournament, Kiwanis .5K and Jacksonville Serial Tipper. A new episode is downloaded each Monday. During these shows, he wants to give people the chance to highlight products or things that not everybody would know. “Essentially, the subject being interviewed is the director of that episode and we just put the pieces together,” he elaborates. Inspiration on what to feature comes from a variety of places. Different members of the community, Turke’s parents, Jackie and Tab, and his brothers, Matthew and Reed, have all given lots of suggestions as to the subject matter.

Many opportunities await to be featured in future episodes of That 1 Place and Turke is looking forward to sharing all the good that is out there to discover. “If you know a business that should be highlighted in an episode, send us a message through our page on Facebook,” he concludes.

“While there, make sure you follow us and check out the archives for past features.” He wishes to thank Sherie Trace for coming up with the name That 1 Place, Brittany Henry from Jacksonville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau for helping to get this show started and Cory Garner from ElCrow Photography for sharing amazing pictures. Also, all episodes are available for viewing on YouTube through Ryne Turke’s channel. Also, all episodes are available for viewing on YouTube through Ryne Turke’s channel.

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