The best way to clean

The best way to clean

Have someone else do it!

Photos and Story By Kyla Hurt

Local entrepreneur Dan Robinson says it all started because, “I knew I wanted a proven business model I could go after … and cleaning was appealing.”

Cleaning was appealing, he says.

Assumedly, this does not commonly fall effortlessly and genuinely from one’s lips. Robinson explains, though, “I like my place clean, and I … honestly, there’s no way I’d own a cleaning business without that.”

Robinson followed the direction of an associate with whom he had previously worked to come up with a business name that is accurate for his brand. He knew that the name needed to clearly state the service he would offer. After playing with various words that might satisfy this need via a thesaurus, Robinson ultimately landed on Best Steam Clean.

As owner and founder of Best Steam Clean, Robinson says he wanted his business logo to markedly present as a cleaning company with clean and fresh branding. He then worked on buying the proper equipment so that he could, in his own words, enforce some cleaning standards. He purchased his first piece of equipment in 2022 and began growing his business.

“Before and after” photos can show the transformation of an item or area once deep cleaned. These photos of bathroom tile flooring, demonstrate the improvement once cleaned by Best Steam Clean.

Robinson reveals, “The equipment that I have … it does all the work. I spent a long time researching the equipment that I have.” He owns three different steam machines, one from Germany and two from Italy. The carpet machine, for example, has an array of after-market accessories that can be used with it, plus an insulated line so that the water used with it stays at 200-210 F — a proper temperature for optimal cleaning. Plus, his hot water pressure washer that is used specifically for restaurant or industrial jobs cuts grease 5x more effectively than a standard pressure washer, according to Robinson.

Robinson can discuss specifications of other equipment used with Best Steam Clean services and processes used unique to the surface or place being cleaned — simply ask him.

As for the actual services he and his team offer, a good amount of them fall under carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout categories. Best Steam Clean can deep clean couches, mattresses, higher-quality rugs or throw pillows as well as linoleum, laminate or even hardwood floors. Robinson also mentions some areas in the home that a person might not necessarily think of, such as windows and windowsills (using a 357 F dry vapor steam to clean the sash lock, frame and actual window itself) or even the inside of an oven or refrigerator. Many of the specific pieces of equipment used allow for deeper cleaning through a less messy process, says Robinson.

“Before and after” photos can show the transformation of an item or area once deep cleaned. These photos of bathroom tile flooring, demonstrate the improvement once cleaned by Best Steam Clean.

In particular, Robinson shares, “If there’s something that I could like, I don’t know, brag about … we can do all the services I would say very well. But, the carpet cleaning one … that one’s, uh … I mean, really, if we can’t get your carpets clean then I don’t think anybody can. We have the proper chemicals. … We literally have everything for carpet cleaning.”

Additionally, Best Steam Clean uses 100% eco-safe chemicals for their commercial and residential cleaning. Robinson also mentions that their services can be used more as preventative maintenance in order to save clients from buying and replacing expensive equipment or furniture. Keeping up on high-traffic areas, such as steps or risers in a home, can not only save money in the long run but also maintain sanitation in those areas.

Though based in Jacksonville, Best Steam Clean will travel anywhere within a 30-mile radius without a travel fee.

Robinson offers free quotes and can also bundle services. He states, “Customer service is really important. I try to have someone quickly available for quotes or questions.”

To contact Dan Robinson and Best Steam Clean, call or text 217-602-5338, or email Robinson notes, too, that, “The mobile website [] is great for a quick read on accurate services.”

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