The Haberdash

The Haberdash

New business coming to downtown Jacksonville

by Eric A Thomas

Businesses are hiring again around Jacksonville as the pandemic veil seems to be lifting. But what is more encouraging is that local entrepreneurs are stepping out to put life to their dreams of business ownership.

Sometime this summer, the downtown of Jacksonville will welcome a new business called “The Haberdash.” The store will be a modern men’s mercantile, specializing in men’s clothing, accessories and goods. The owners of the store are Tim and Colleen Flinn. “I hope to provide a shopping experience that elevates men’s style in a comfortable ‘hang out’ type place,” stated Tim Flinn. “Until we have finalized our location and set up our store, we will be doing pop-ups at some local businesses.”

The Haberdash derives its name from haberdashery and the term haberdasher refers to a retailer of men’s clothing. The store will sell a wide variety of things including both casual and dress clothing, ties, socks, men’s personal care items, leather goods, barware and more. An emphasis is will be put on all inventory that items or brands are made in the USA.

“Our goal in creating our storefront is to encourage the public to shop in person,” remarked Flinn. “Early on, to my dismay, we will have an online presence as we are getting the business established. Ultimately my desire for the store is to be reminiscent of the time before Amazon and online shopping.”

Photo/Submitted to The Source Colleen and Tim Flinn, residents of Pleasant Plains, will open the storefront of The Haberdash soon.

Currently, they have established a Facebook page called The Haberdash and can be seen on Instagram @thehaberdashjax. Follow them on social media to find out where they will pop up next and get updates as to the opening of their storefront.

While there are many locations throughout Jacksonville that both male and female clothing is offered, this will be the only business focused solely on men’s apparel and accessories. “I’m a big believer that you can manufacture some confidence through what you’re wearing. I want to create a place for men to get everything they need to develop their own style,” concluded Flinn.

Tim and Colleen Flinn live in rural Pleasant Plains with their three children: Cashin, Robyn and Leo; plus, a dog, Ruby. Tim Flinn works as the senior investment officer at The Farmers State Bank and Trust Company and Colleen Flinn owns Nothing Fancy Supply, which operates out of their home. “We both love Jacksonville and can’t wait to add another business to our beautiful downtown square.”

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