The JHS Girls’ Soccer team and fall fun

The JHS Girls’ Soccer team and fall fun

On Sunday, October 11, the Jacksonville High School girls’ soccer team took a break from their scheduled training and decided to have some fall related fun. The group was challenged by JHS Soccer Coach Drew Comstock to complete a scavenger hunt filled with riddles. They had a pumpkin carving competition which was judged by the Facebook community.

Comstock credits the teams hard work as the reason he promoted this fun activity. Comstock said, “The high school girls’ program has worked hard each week to prepare for their upcoming season.” Presently, the season is scheduled to start in May 2021 due to COVID-19.

The JHS Girls’ Soccer Team posing for a group picture on October 11, at the JSA fields after carving pumpkins

For the past few years now, the high school has suffered from a low number of players participating in the program. However, the dedication of the current players raises high hopes that the team will be successful. Comstock and his team of coaches have been focusing on soccer basics and dedicated teamwork to form a unified squad of mighty Crimsons. Emphasis is placed on drills to assist with ball control, speed, agility and fitness. These factors play an especially important role in having a cohesive team.

Along with training on the field, education is another essential component for the girls. High school athletics revolve around education, which means in order to participate in these activities, students must succeed on their schoolwork. Therefore, this year’s focus on the field begins with focus in the classroom.

The 2021 JHS Girls’ Soccer Team posing for a group picture in Community Park

The hopes are high for this year’s JHS girls’ soccer program. The continuous efforts coming from the girls and the coaches illustrates the beginning of another positive season.

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