The wheels are a-turnin

The wheels are a-turnin

Business, community and personal life are the spokes in the wheel of the Rotary, the hub being service.  Rotarians believe that service is the basis of enterprise and the development of acquaintances, an opportunity for service.  Each member offers their uniqueness through individual interests and occupations adding to the worthiness and effectiveness of the club.

Postering unity between members and other clubs facilitates the expansion of Rotary, not only in our community, but in the world, by advancing international understanding.  Locally Rotary has raised funds for various charities and also benefits those in need through the Rotary Bass Tournament,  the Valentine’s Day Dance and Oktoberfest.  They sponsor the 4th of July Parade, parking at the Concert in the Cornfield, the Warming Center and the list goes  on…

Scholarships are provided, and recently, two recipients each received $2,000, toward their education.  Literary grants were given at Franklin School, along with  books, but now, due to it’s closing, South School will benefit.  “Interact.” a high school youth club, is an up-and-running Rotary project and soon will start “Rotaract” for those in college, both on the premise of “service.” District-wide, Rotary has helped in disaster areas providing relief.  In Haiti alone, water, money, mobile homes and  medical help were provided.

Did you know that Rotary is responsible for all but irradicating Polio in the world?  It was the dreaded disease decades ago that left President Roosevelt in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  Presently, cases of Infantile Paralysis (Polio) are down to a few hundred in third-world countries.

A 10-year member of the Noon Rotary, Tony Williams, a Jacksonville native and the Assistant Dean of Students at Jacksonville High School, has been nominated for the Rotary District Governor.  Well respected in our community, Tony’s name was submitted by his club with a membership of 118, and also by past district governors.

There are 51 clubs in the district, and it is the District Governor that must demonstrate the vision of Rotary International, visiting all district clubs to observe and ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, and meeting with assistant governors to better serve their respective communities.  He must ensure that elections are conducted according to national guidelines, and then support and strengthen existing clubs by fostering continuity between district and incoming leaders.   Ethics is a high priority: truth, fair to all concerned, building better good will and friendship while being beneficial to all concerned.

Tony’s nomination will be voted upon at the District Conference in Peoria on October 25 and 26.  We wish Tony the best and know that if voted District Governor, he’ll do a terrific job!

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