The Wig Room

Jacksonville’s Susan Green opens a new business inside On The Clip Side

Nine percent of the population has been diagnosed with cancer. It is the second leading cause of death with approximately 600,000 (21%) deaths per year. Different treatments are available, but most often treatment involves chemotherapy or radiation.

As if this is battle was not difficult enough, chemotherapy can cause widespread hair loss. A Jacksonville woman wants to help people during this difficult time by providing them a local opportunity for hair replacement.

Susan Green, a 30-year beautician and past owner of On The Clip Side has opened The Wig Room at On The Clip Side. After selling the salon a few years back to the trio of Megan Alfano, Jennifer Cox and Mandi McGee, Green had planned to slow down a bit; rent a chair inside of the salon and enjoy time with her family including her grandchild. Things did not go quite as Green had planned.

A dear friend of Green received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer and lost her hair. Together, these two stylists worked to find a viable hair replacement option only to come away disappointed. Green said, “I wasn’t able to find a business that specialized in this service that I was comfortable recommending to my customers. I knew God was speaking to my heart and forcing me to find a way to provide this service to the people I service.”

“While dabbling to find an answer, God continued to open doors to make this happen,” Green said. “I have had many clients suffer from cancer and hair loss,” she continued. “I am so excited that we have this opportunity available in our shop for them to find what they might need during their healing.”

After word got out that Green was moving in this direction, a hair representative reminded her there was not much money to be made in the wig industry. Green and her husband John decided together this was where they wanted to serve God. They just needed to be able to pay the bills for the shop while providing this service to this vulnerable sector of society. John Green reminded her, it was the time in her life that she was able to do what God created her to do. This also helped her decide she would also sell wigs for nonmedical purposes. Those sales would allow her to help pay her bills and therefore be available for those with a medical need for hair replacement.

One of Green’s first clients is a 14-year old named Hallie, a freshman at Routt High School. Hallie has alopecia, a gradual or sudden baldness that can affect the scalp. The genetic condition causes hair follicles to get smaller and produce less hair over time. After meeting with Green, Hallie picked out the perfect hair for herself. Green and Hallie worked together to pick and perfect the style that Hallie would be wearing for at least this year of high school.

Green is excited about serving the community. Her shop is open inside On The Clip Side at 623 West State Street (inside of the Hamilton’s Building) in Jacksonville. Her hours are available by appointment.

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