There is a new inspector in town

There is a new inspector in town

by Eric A Thomas

When buying a home, you want that piece of mind that everything is in working order. As part of the experience, the home needs to be inspected by a licensed and trained individual who will determine if any major safety concerns or defects are present in the home.

Enter Logan Griffin and his new business. Upon completion of his schooling in 2021, Griffin has taken his knowledge and experiences to launch Safe-Sight Home Inspections. “I have a background in construction and anything that involves working with my hands,” he says. “Growing up I was always wrenching on something or repairing things.” Currently, Griffin is a firefighter with the Jacksonville Fire Department. He works a 24-hour shift and has 48 hours off. During those 48 hours, he has worked construction for the last four years, helping him by gaining knowledge to apply to inspecting homes.

A normal home inspection should usually only take 2-3 hours. Inspection time is completely dependent on the size of the home and how many appliances need inspecting. Additional furnaces and air conditioning units will add to the time. During a whole home inspection, Griffin does a complete room to room inspection in the home. The types of things he will look over include the foundation, structure, framing, attic space, roofing, garage, insulation, ventilation, water pressure, plumbing, kitchen appliances, windows, doors, wall furnace, air conditioner, water heater, electrical panel and outlets. This room-to-room report will point out any potential major or safety-related concerns.

There are things that are not typically included in a home inspection that may require someone with additional licensing. These things include radon, lead paint, mold and fungus, and termites. Other things could include any appliance that is not built in or included in the home, cable and satellite TV and lastly pools/spas require additional licensing that is not included in a general whole home inspection.

Home inspections can be asked for by the buyer, seller, realtor or even a bank lender. Since buying a home can be a significant investment and can deplete a buyer’s bank account, it’s important to know what lies ahead. The inspection can help determine where expenses for replacement or upgrades may arise in the future. These components include appliances, windows, roofing, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and heating systems. Buyers who decide to waive the right to having a home inspection done often regret in the future not pursuing it.

To operate in Illinois, home inspectors are required to be licensed and trained to perform inspections. They are also required to have continuing education and be relicensed every two years. This will make sure that the inspectors stay current with modern buildings and changes that have been made in codes. To become a licensed inspector, it takes 60 hours of classroom time with an additional 50 hours of in-person learning to enable the person to take a state/national test.

Safe-Sight Home Inspections utilizes top-of-the-line inspection software. “This software breaks inspection lingo down to layman’s terms that make it easy for the client to read and understand,” concludes Griffin. Inspections are readily available, and reports are generated promptly so they are back in the client’s hands faster. Interested in a home inspection? Give Logan Griffin a call at 217-370-0179 or contact through email at

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