Triopia unveils new mascot

Triopia unveils new mascot

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Triopia CUSD #27, “Home of the Trojans,” has a new school mascot. According to Triopia CUSD #27 Superintendent Adam Dean, the addition of a mascot was something he had been wanting for some time. In October, the mascot costume was finally purchased.

The mascot recently made a surprise visit after school, giving out high fives and receiving a warm welcome from students, educators, staff and more. Dean states, “I think the costume is good for school spirit and morale. When the kids saw it the first time, they were very excited.”

The hope is to see him at many school and sporting events; as such, the school is working on procuring volunteers to suit up in the future. The plan is to have a naming competition for the new mascot, and details for the competition are in the works.

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