VICC introduces Eclipse®

“Jacksonville has always been home.” This is how Dave Freesen, “The Asphalt Guy,” feels about the community he has chosen for his company’s home office. That is why he brings the high-quality, heavy-duty construction materials used by large operations like the Department of Transportation to both local businesses and homeowners. Freesen exudes passion for concrete and asphalt. After spending only a few minutes with him, it’s impossible to not share his enthusiasm. Originally from Bluffs, he moved his business, VICC, to Jacksonville in 2014.

Vision Infrastructure Construction Corporation, VICC, is a contractor company that offers construction, repair and maintenance of concrete and asphalt pavements. For Freesen, pavement is a family tradition. He is the second generation of Freesens to specialize in pavement, taking over the business started by his father. He specializes in commercial and residential pavements, and the various projects completed for his clients have ranged from small crack repair and pavement patching, to large asphalt paving for shopping center parking areas and heavy-duty industrial material storage and handling pads. VICC works in conjunction with their customers to build pavement surfaces “that feature designed-in durability for extended service life, value in cost-per-year performance and attractive, smooth-finished pavement appearance.” According to Freesen, “the entire pavement life cycle can be extended” and last anywhere from 15 to 25 years if proper maintenance and repairs are performed seven to ten years after installation. Then, he says, the “pavement won’t degenerate.”

With over 35 years of experience in the concrete and asphalt business, 2017 brings exciting changes for Freesen and his clients. First, he has launched a new quality initiative: “No Bad Jobs.” With this initiative, he and his employees ensure that projects are completed with as few problems possible. And, if a defect is found, it is fixed on the spot. Next, he is announcing a “new era in environmentally safe pavement protection.” Freesen is introducing a product called Eclipse®, which is a high-performance alternative to asphalt-based sealers, to Central Illinois. Eclipse is a petroleum resin pavement sealer.

What makes Eclipse so special? First, it is environmentally safe, as it contains no coal tar. This means that it is also safer for VICC employees, as it is burn-free and does not photosynthesize skin. It can also be applied in lower temperatures than asphalt emulsion sealer. Next, it is versatile, which allows VICC to use a variety of methods to apply Eclipse to pavement. Finally, it is a great value. Eclipse lasts much longer than asphalt-based sealers, which leads to consistent performance and protection on both commercial and residential pavements. It provides significantly better resistance to oil and gasoline, as well as oxidation from sunlight than asphalt-based sealers.

Freesen and his company utilize basic construction fundamentals and the latest proven paving materials and techniques to produce high-quality work. VICC can provide simple, straightforward solutions to any asphalt or concrete problems. For your next concrete or asphalt project, think of The Asphalt Guy as an option to put your project on the high road to success.

VICC’s season runs from April until Thanksgiving.

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