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West Central Mass Transit District

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December 8, 2016

Dear Editor:

West Central Mass Transit District would like to take this opportunity to thank the many generous contributors to the Senior Bus and public transportation programs these past few weeks for their financial and moral support as we endeavored to meet the needs of those individuals who needed transportation for life sustaining medical purposes.

The City of Jacksonville, Morgan County, Jacksonville Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, Pilot Club, First Presbyterian Church, Vet-2-Vet, Sunrise Rotary Club, Knollwood, West Central Illinois Herb Guild, Morgan County State’s Attorney Gray Noll, Larry and Barbara Whewell, Lilianna Costa, Charles R. Miller and some donors who wish to remain anonymous, raised more than $35,000 to ensure that individuals with disabilities and those over 60 years of age have access to transportation for life sustaining medical appointments. These contributions, along with a grant from the Area Agency on Aging for Lincoln Land will allow us to continue to provide services through the end of this year.

In addition, Eric Thomas and his many volunteers collected more than 8,000 signatures on petitions that were sent to local and statewide elected officials urging them to fix the budget problems in Springfield and make complete and timely payments to our agency.

It is important to note and recognize our state and federal elected officials who, upon hearing the issues, worked diligently to find solutions to the problems causing the late payments. We would like to thank Congressman Darin Lahood’s office, Senator Sam McCann and Senator John Sullivan, Representative Norrine Hammond and Representative C. D. Davidsmeyer, who have worked and are still working to ensure that our grant funds will be processed and paid in a timely manner. Their efforts on our behalf, and the behalf of the residents of the area are greatly appreciated.

Finally, a special thanks go out to the many individuals who have called ‘just to check in,’ making sure we’re going to be alright and share with us their concern for our staff, our agency and the future of the public transportation service. Your support and prayers mean a lot to us.

In the past four weeks, 360 one-way trips were provided to individuals for radiation therapy, chemotherapy, the wound center, dialysis treatments, physical therapy, the emergency room and various medical and dental appointments and lab services for residents of Morgan, Scott and Cass counties who met the criteria of age and ability. Our clients come from every corner of the service area from Waverly to Meredosia, Murrayville to Literberry, Bluffs, Winchester, Rushville, Virginia and Beardstown and locations in-between.

To all who have and continue to support this cause, we thank you and pledge our continued efforts to find a way to work through the issues caused by the financial crisis at the State level and increase the public transportation opportunities for the citizens in Morgan and Scott counties.


Board of Trustees, Management and Staff

West Central Mass Transit District

R. Jean Jumper, Executive Director

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