With blooms in hand

  • Black Crow Candles, manufactured in Canton, are a popular item at The Flower Shop in Roodhouse.
  • Sherry Hopkin’s Jeep is covered with flowers and a panel promoting her Roodhouse flower shop.
  • Sherry Hopkin, right, holds a plastic watering can that belonged to the late mother of Beth Bell of Winchester. Hopkin and Bell’s mother met by mistake over Facebook, and that friendship led to the one between Hopkin and the younger Bell, left, who gave the can to Hopkin as a remembrance gift.
  • Sherry Hopkin, owner of The Flower Shop in Roodhouse, talks about a variety of illuminated ceramic angels she offers at her store. The shop specializes in fresh and silk floral displays, statuary and home décor.
  • Hopkin uses a variety of found items to decorate her shop. The white panel glass doors once opened to the auditorium of a long-closed White Hall theater.

Sherry Hopkin opens The Flower Shop in Roodhouse

Story and photos by Julie Gerke

A series of unrelated events has culminated with a new floral shop in Roodhouse.

The Flower Shop, located on the west side of U.S. 67 at the south end of town, opened in late June under the ownership of Sherry and Tom Hopkin. The building is part of a larger compound that includes Price’s Country Gardens greenhouse, outdoor gardens, and the home of James and Kay Price.

Sherry Hopkin lives across street and says, “I was over here all the time. I’m a gardening nut. … When you live across from a greenhouse and you’re always planting flowers, it became quite an addiction. I was always wheeling a wagon home with their treasures.”

Hopkin stepped in when the Prices, who have owned the greenhouse for decades, decided they wanted to prune their workload.

“I’d help them out with their busy times,” Hopkin said. “I’m their neighbor. Decorating, flowers — it’s always been a passion of mine and I want to be part of the community. … I got cold feet [about the purchase] and my husband was the one and friends encouraged me that if ever I was meant to do something, this is it. Fate has put your hand in this.”

Hopkin grew up near Jacksonville and the move to Roodhouse came after she brought lunch to her husband at work at the Greene County Work Camp and “saw this adorable little house.” After they moved in, however, COVID-19 forced a job transfer for Tom Hopkin, who now commutes to Jacksonville.

She also reconnected with friend Beth Bell, who she’d met through Bell’s mother after an accidental Facebook match. Bell returned to Illinois about the time Sherry Hopkin decided to open the store and now helps almost full-time, although she remains a volunteer.

The store offers a variety of fresh and silk flowers and greenery for all occasions, ceramic and stone angels, home décor items and Black Crow candles, which are manufactured in Canton. The front picture window display is changed often and lit at night; seasonal items rotate through the store; and Hopkin and Bell offer a “refresh” service for aging wreathes.

Hopkin has a large area of pumpkins growing in the yard adjacent to her house; along with fresh Christmas trees, they are planned as special fall sales options.

“We have anything a big-city florist offers,” she said. The store offers delivery to Roodhouse, White Hall, Carrollton and Winchester, with limited deliveries (hospital, nursing homes and funeral homes) in Jacksonville.

“It’s one of the benefits of a small town,” she said. “If a relative in New York wants something delivered to Aunt Martha but doesn’t know the address, we can hunt her down.”

The store also has a consultation table which does triple duty: In addition to space for planning special occasion florals, it’s also where friends drop in for coffee and a chat — and a favored spot for KitKat, an orange tabby who “adopted” the store when Hopkin moved in.

That’s OK with Hopkin, who has an animal rescue area next to her home. The strays are spayed and neutered before they are adopted or transferred to an adoption facility.

She hopes to combine her passions with events to benefit animal shelters, such as photos of pets with Santa and fall-themed pet photos.

The Flower Shop
Where: U.S. 67 at the south end of Roodhouse; store is on the west side
Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.; 9 a.m.-noon, Sat.
(For emergencies, 24-hour service is available.)
Phone: 217-589-5959 (after hours, 217-473-0769)
Facebook: Search for The Flower Shop,
or Sherry Hopkin’s personal page

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