When it’s worth doing right…call the expanded Sablotny Floors

When it’s worth doing right…call the expanded Sablotny Floors

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Linda Neuman, HB Sablotny and Amy Deeder, left to right, are ready to assist you at Sablotny Floors. Customers have plenty of room and samples to look at throughout the showroom, right.


H.B. Sablotny, the owner of Sablotny Floors at 1685 W. Morton in Jacksonville, comments on the new expansion, “I think the new space is going to be a more comfortable environment for customers and the staff here. It offers us the opportunity to expand our product offerings…It gives the Jacksonville area a professional shopping environment with all the latest flooring selections.”

Sablotny Floors has expanded into the new and available space by demolishing the separating wall and moving into the space next door. Sablotny knows flooring is a style and design industry. The styles, textures, and colors all change, so Sablotny does his best to keep things updated because he knows no one wants to buy old or dated products. By keeping his business progressive, Sablotny believes his customers should not have to go to Springfield, St. Louis, or Quincy to get quality, cutting edge products.

Pleasing the customer is so important to Sablotny Floors, it’s even included in their motto, “When it’s worth doing right…” This has been a catchphrase for the store since day one in 1988. The satisfaction of the customer always comes first when accomplishing a project.  “We try to do it right. It’s a process.” Sablotny compares the process to an interview, “We ask a lot of questions to try to determine what their expectations are…whether they are on a super tight budget, and all they want to do is get something clean and serviceable on the floor, or if they’re going to be in a house for twenty years. We want them to find a stylish product that fits all of those needs.” Everyone with Sablotny Floors, whether employed or subcontract, is trained and experienced with a minimum of ten years. They believe in quality and making sure the customer is happy. They do this by always showing up on time, being clean and presentable, and being knowledgeable about the product. They even clean up the mess afterwards. Sablotny adds, “We really just want either us, the customer, or whoever is moving the furniture back into place to just have to simply walk in and put the furniture back. It’s a nice way to finish a product.” This is the difference between going to Sablotny Floors and going to anywhere else, especially when there is competition right next door.

Sablotny admits, “I’m not afraid to tell people, as we describe our business on the radio in the ads to our customers, I just tell them we are right in front of Home Depot. Home Depot is great for the Jacksonville area, it brings people from surrounding areas, which is good for the business. Those people are going to do other things here too. That being said, I don’t think we come second to anybody when it comes to price, value, and experience.” So don’t take a chance with going anywhere else when it comes to flooring. Go to Sablotny Floor, and find out how the expansion can help you.

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