YMCA hosted a holiday paint and pour party

On Friday, December 1, the weather cooled down and it felt like the Christmas season; inside the Bob Freesen YMCA, it looked like Christmas, too. Tables of a variety of sizes were set up in the lobby where a group of 68 women gathered in the festive atmosphere for food and drinks. Everyone painted wooden ornament decorations to hang on their doors or give as gifts for the holiday. Red, black, green and white paint flowed onto cutouts in a variety of very inventive of ways. Lead by Bev Durham, the paint and pour had an example of a finished ornament to follow, but members of the group each created unique adornments for doors with no two the same. There were black ornaments with green and red dots, green ornaments with red and black dots, Christmas scenes, holiday lights, Santa Claus and more on the finished products. The night was filled with laughter, holiday fun and friendships. It was a great way to begin the holiday season.

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