YMCA pentathlon swim meet

YMCA pentathlon swim meet

The annual pentathlon swim meet put on by the YMCA swim team, The Jacksonville Sharks, took place Saturday, November 4 at the Bob Freesen YMCA. The YMCA closes for the day to host the event. This year’s pentathlon included 10 YMCA swim teams from around the area, along with 268 swimmers and their families.

Families set up sleeping bags and chairs in the gym so that swimmers can relax between their swim races. Many swimmers write their events on their arms in permanent marker to keep track during the day. The younger swimmers’ events were in the morning while the older swimmers attended the afternoon session. Each swimmer swims all the events during this meet. The final event is the individual medley (IM), which includes all the strokes: butterfly, backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke.

These families were able to have snacks from the concession stand at the meet, but many go out into the community to buy food from local restaurants during the meet and go out to eat together after the meet is completed.

The YMCA appreciates all those who support the event through advertising in the heat sheet. Heat sheets are the swimmer version of a program and give swimmers and families details on event numbers, times, lanes and more.

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