CASSCOMM leads the way

By Anna Ferraro

A small Virginia-based company, CASSCOMM, delivers big to their clients and potential clients, making good on their company claim to their customers, “you come first!”

Casey French, a lifelong resident of Virginia, has held the position of Marketing Director and PR Manager at CASSCOMM for over seven years. He loves his job, saying, “I’m definitely a people person. I like to talk with anybody when there’s an opportunity to do so. And I always like to think things out and then promote them.”

French, his wife, and their three kids are active community residents, with their ongoing participation in board meetings, events, T-ball, the library board, the school board, and more.

French shared, “When I got started with the company, it was a lot to take in. We’re a small company, and everybody wears a lot of hats.” But with the services they deliver, you wouldn’t know that they’re small. Actually, in many areas of competition, they’re leading the way.

French says, “It’s my job to make sure that our clients (and potential clients) have all the right information. Part of that job is making sure I’m hitting every ad channel.” But that’s only part of it. French is communicating his company’s care to the community in countless ways, including participation in sporting events, sponsorships, signage, and more. Their mascot, “Champ the Cheetah” is a favorite with the kids at local parades, and it doesn’t stop there. French chuckled, “We like to help anyone who calls or asks. We’ve even helped get items into a silent auction when the auction coordinator was sick.”

As a company, they’ve seen a lot of growth in the last several years – and some challenges, as well. French shared, “When I started with CASSCOMM, Cable TV was still the go-to. Now, streaming and broadband sales are in much higher demand.” In this aspect, French is confident that his company is leading the way, saying, “We’re pretty ahead of the game,” as they stream more and more through broadband, CASSCOMM is forging their services in Internet protocol television, known as IPTV more and more.

They’re also working on developing their Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) systems. French reported, “We have already started installing it in Mt. Sterling and Pittsfield, and we’ll start hitting other communities with that.” In the next five to ten years, French hopes that CASSCOMM will be known as a FTTH company, saying, “We would then offer IPTV everywhere … And everything will be offered over broadband.”

It’s not just a game for them to work with IPTV and FTTH systems. They’re taking it seriously, because, as French said, “You never know who’s going to come to town and compete. Being involved with the community, we want to keep up with the times, and we want our small-town clients to know that they will not be left on the back burner.”

French committed himself, saying, “We’re here for the 32 communities that we currently service, and we’re here for every one community.” And yes, they do offer the typical cable, phone, and Internet bundles. French explained,” Our cable TV options include HDTV, DVR, etc. Our Internet packages can provide up to 50 MB per second in residential, and with FTTH, we offer up to 1 GB/second. We break all our options down with our clients, and offer detailed consultations, especially with businesses, helping them find exactly what they need for their brand.”

To top it off, French commented, “We have great customer service and great communications.” He chuckled as he shared the story of a recent interaction, saying, “One of our customer service representatives once talked to a lady that didn’t even own a computer. By the end of the call, the client was prepared to buy a computer so that she could use CASSCOMM Internet.”

Serving 32 communities within a 150-mile radius of Virginia isn’t easy, but CASSCOMM does it well, providing services all the way up to Mason City, across to Pittsfield, all the way over to Williamsville, Riverton, and nearly as far as Peoria.

With a vast client following across 32 small towns, CASSCOMM still cares. This was recently demonstrated the weekend of the Virginia BBQ, when a tree fell on an aerial fiber line, causing a widespread outage. French commented, “The problem had a natural cause, but it was still our responsibility to fix it.” Despite it being a weekend, and the staff was stretched a bit thin with providing coverage and services to the Virginia BBQ, a manager took the outage call quickly and started dispatching teams. French reported, “We got the call around 9 p.m., and by midnight they had it almost completely fixed.” The feedback CASSCOMM got on their Facebook page was positive, to say the least.” French said, “We were responsive on a weekend, and people appreciated that.”

So, for however big CASSCOMM grows in the coming years, or whether they remain a leading FTTH company in Central Illinois, one thing is for sure, while they are here for dozens of communities, they’re here for every one community and home as well.

To connect with CASSCOMM, they are available 24/7 at 1-800-252-1799 or you can visit them online at or on Facebook at

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