“Freedom Fest” returns to Village

“Freedom Fest” returns to Village

The Village of South Jacksonville is reviving their annual celebration, “Freedom Fest,” per Village of South Jacksonville Mayor Tyson Manker. Freedom Fest will take place in the Village on Saturday, September 11.

In addition to seven area bands providing 12 hours of live music on 9/11, the celebration that Saturday on the weekend include a number of activities for the whole family, including:

• Traveling WWII Memorial

• Little Miss Pageant 

• 5K run

• BBQ Cook Off ($1,000 prize money donated by Mayor


• “Freedom Fest at the Firehouse.”

 Freedom Fest at the Firehouse is an all-day music festival featuring:

• The Gibson Girls (thegibsongirlsmusic.com)

• Exit 52 (@exit52 on Facebook)

• FUN DMC (facebook.com/fundmcmusic) 

• SMASHTAG (facebook.com/SmashtagMusic) 

• BAAAD BOYZ (facebook.com/BaaadBoyz)

• 4 County Blues (facebook.com/4CountyBlues)

• Gabe Marshall (facebook.com/TheGabeMarshall) 

• NEONMOMS (facebook.com/neonmoms)

Of the events, 100% of the proceeds will go to support the Village of South Jacksonville Fire and Police Departments.

Village of South Jacksonville Mayor Manker invites

everyone to attend and says, “Come celebrate being an

American and living free in the Village of South Jacksonville.” 

Visit http://911freedom.com for information and updates.

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