High school graduate publishes novel

High school graduate publishes novel

By Francesca Boston

Writing a novel at any age is impressive but finishing a book while still in high school takes extra dedication. Amara Turner is only 17 and just finished her novel, “The Incapability to Create,” while finishing up her senior year.

Amara Turner grew up telling stories to her friends and family. She decided to homeschool since her sophomore year after feeling felt burnt out with both schoolwork and writing. She just graduated, finishing her high school career this year, and has published her book. She says, “Writing this book was not only a gift to my father for his birthday, but also a way to finally expand my creativity and characters into the real world.”

“The Incapability to Create” has been a labor of love, it seems. She spent nights and days working on her book, while still doing typical teenage things. Outside of writing, she loves to camp, read and hang out with her friends. Her biggest inspiration is Susanna Kearsley, who writes under the pen name Emma Cole. Turners says she is inspired by, “the way she can be so descriptive and intricate … in her books.”

Turner’s book is about a woman named Julia who works at a psychiatric hospital. The past several years of Julia’s life were spent battling personal demons. After her anguish suffocates her, one demon comes to life. It hunts her for sport, promising to drag her down to hell. A strange little boy, a spirit, forces his way into Julia’s life, swearing to protect her from the evil. As Julia struggles to keep her soul, the little boy fights in her place. With the timer of Julia’s life ticking, she begins to uncover the secrets of the little boy who nudged his way into her life.

Amara Turner says that the best way to support her is, “by giving it a chance … doing this gives an opportunity for personal growth and improvement in work. In my case, that would be people reading it, and then giving me constructive criticism if they had any.” The 228-page fiction is available online on Amazon or can be ordered locally.

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