Land of Lincoln treasure buyers

Rake through the sofa cushions, dump out those junk drawers and jewelry boxes, and scan through your closets and attic! The Land Of Lincoln Treasure Buyers LLP is coming to Meredosia, IL.

If you have ever wondered what that old coin, guitar, toy, or piece of jewelry is worth…now is your chance to find out and even possibly sell your items for CASH DOLLARS if you choose! (NO CHECKS, CASH PAID ONLY!)

The Land Of Lincoln Treasure Buyers LLP will be holding a FREE PUBLIC 3 day event being held at the The 104 Grill, Nov. 6th, 7th, & 8th. Thursday and Friday 10am-5:30pm, Saturday 10am-2pm.. Archie Davis, Vice President and Owner of Land Of Lincoln Treasure Buyers LLP, hopes that you will come out and take advantage of this free opportunity to learn from our experts and possibly even leave with some cash in your pocket. “I have a number of outstandingly knowledgeable individuals that have years of experience in evaluating old coins, currencies, toys, advertising items, and historic articles just to name a few.” Davis told us. “If you have items such as these, now might be the perfect time to liquidate them. We will make fair offers on anything that is old or gold; and pay you for your treasure in cash dollars”.

People should expect to arrive to a fun and friendly event. We openly share our knowledge and want to educate folks. All of our associates are professional and friendly people who have a passion for the “old and interesting”. Most items that we see can be carried in, but another thing people can do is to take pictures of large or heavy items with their cell phone. We can then see them via the phone or even by texting the picture to us. Everyone has something that they have always been curious to research. I cannot count the times that we hear, “Oh wow that’s what that is!” or “I’ve shown this thing to 10 different people and nobody knew what it was, let alone that it was worth so much money!” We have fun seeing the lights “turn on” in our client’s eyes on those occasions when we can “make their day”! It’s a Win-Win situation and we just love those!

Many people may hesitate to bring in items such as broken pocket or wristwatches, twisted up heaps of necklaces, rings, earrings, or costume jewelry, or those tokens or tie clips that have been pushed around for years in drawers or jewelry boxes. They think, “Who would want this stuff?” The answer is WE DO! And we will pay you for them! You would be AMAZED at how quickly little things can add up!

Mr. Davis went on to tell us about another increasingly popular way to take advantage of his team’s services. That is to call and set up a home visit. “Some people might let this opportunity slip past them due to a lack of mobility or other limiting factors. Others might not feel safe bringing their valuables out into the public for fear of loss or damage. We understand these things totally and we can make arrangements to come to see you when it is warranted.”

“The nationwide focus right now is set on gold & silver due to their high values.” Davis states, “But we will look at anything you bring to us!” All coins U.S. & Foreign dated 1970 and earlier, silver & gold bullion, currency, war memorabilia, old sterling flatware sets, musical instruments, toys, advertising items, watches, and much more! Also Davis recommends that you do not try to clean or polish anything as you could actually reduce its value.

Land Of Lincoln Treasure Buyers LLP is a small company made up of friends and colleagues and it is based in Jacksonville, IL. To conduct business in this fashion we all undergo and pass background checks monthly as required by state and local officials. We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured & Incorporated in the State of Illinois and hold a Federal Employer ID Number. We are members of the Jacksonville Area Chamber Of Commerce and we are not affiliated or associated with any other “road show” or similar company that is conducting business in this fashion. Look for our ad in the newspaper for a full list of treasures that we are searching for or call 217-415-7481 with any questions that you might have.

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  1. Gary Ryan

    We are trying to send a list of coins we have to Land of Lincoln Treasure Buyers with no luck. The mail keeps coming back as no such address. Can I assume the address should be PO Box 730, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650?

  2. Denise Miller

    I have a huge coin collection and there is a lot of really old coins . Been looking for to sell it but don’t know how to get around to do it . I have some Hawaii overprints and so much more coins dated way back in the 30 and 40 . I can send pictures ! Interested in talking to you! Thank you Denise Miller

  3. Patricia a Jayne

    Hello Denise,
    If you still have your coins and currency, contact archie at 217-415-7481 and set up a time you can meet with him.

    Thank you.

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