Your 15 Minutes: Reggie Benton

Your 15 Minutes: Reggie Benton

Reggie Benton, of Jacksonville, was recently inducted into Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Academy of Engineers. Missouri University of Science and Technology, formerly known as the University of Missouri-Rolla, established the academy in 1972.  The goal of the academy is to recognize outstanding alumni who have positively contributed to the field of engineering, as well as provided guidance to the civil and environmental engineering department at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

As a second generation engineer, Benton began his engineering career at an early age. He gained practical experience by working on the survey crew and completing other duties at Benton and Associates from fifth grade through college graduation. Benton earned his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 1979. He currently serves as president and principal at Benton and Associates Incorporated, and is humbled by his recent recognition. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized by your peers, including people from the civil engineering profession, the education field, the construction field, the design field,  and the government. It truly is an honor to be recognized with distinguished people, from all over the United States, who were also chosen as inductees this year,” stated Benton. 

Throughout Benton’s 34 year career, his experience includes working for consulting engineering firms and the Illinois Department of Transportation. He is responsible for the quality, schedule and budget for a wide array of projects. Benton has been involved with designing bridges, buildings, swimming pools, and structures associated with water and wastewater treatment. The largest project that Benton is currently involved with is the new water treatment plant for the city of Jacksonville. Benton has not only been successful in his career, but also finds his work to be rewarding.

“I get the most joy out of fulfilling the needs of our clients. We mostly work with units of local governments on their water, sewer, or street structures. So I really enjoy being able to help our clients meet their goals related to their infrastructure needs,” said Benton. 

While Benton’s dedication to meeting the needs of clients has been unwavering throughout this career, the invention and implementation of many new technological devices has drastically changed the field of engineering. “The integration of new technologies, with the advent of computers being fully integrated into the design process, has been the single biggest change in the engineering field.  Our ability to use survey equipment that uses satellites orbiting around the world is a huge change, one that makes it much simpler to gather data on outdoor civil engineering projects,” Benton explained.  

In addition to his engineering duties, Benton is actively involved in many community activities. He has served on the boards of United Way, Sherwood Eddy Memorial YMCA, Elm City Rehabilitation and Kiwanis. Benton currently serves on the Passavant Area Hospital board and as an elder at the First Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville. He has also held leadership positions with the American Society of Civil Engineers Central Illinois Section, American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois, and Illinois Society of Professional Engineers. 

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