Your 15 Minutes: Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts began his career in finance, believing banking would be a good professional fit.  After working in the banking industry for a few years, Scott quickly discovered, “I hated it.”  He did find, however, that the computers he worked with “were kind of fun to mess with.”

This interest in computers and technology led Scott to do more exploring and tinkering on his own.  He transitioned into the IT field, beginning a 10 year career with a local consulting company.  Working as an IT professional proved humbling at first, with Scott quickly realizing, “I didn’t know what I thought I knew.”

Scott proved up to the challenge, however.  He would problem solve at work and often spend his evenings delving more into the IT world.  His father’s IT background also proved helpful when Scott would call him to jointly problem solve tricky tech issues.  After about 6 months, Scott felt confident in his abilities and his knowledge and experience grew over time.

In 2007, Scott decided to open his own IT consulting firm.  He named his business Khamma Group after a little town in Italy.  Scott appreciated the play on words, with the town’s name pronounced like “comma” in English.

Khamma Group is a managed service provider, offering support to local businesses.  The firm offers a comprehensive support package for organizations.  Clients pay a set monthly fee and Khamma Group handles any technology related issues, questions, and challenges.  Scott explains, “We handle everything for clients, with the goal of keeping them happy.”

The firm’s team is made up of two employees, in addition to Scott.  The primary technician, Aaron, joined Khamma group in 2008 and an office assistant recently joined the team.  They are also looking forward to welcoming an intern this summer to their new office on State Street.

The Khamma Group’s main goal is to provide quality service with excellent customer service.  Scott calls his clients “wonderful people” and he enjoys working with each one of them.  No two days in the technology world are the same, keeping the work engaging and interesting.  The firm enjoying positive growth with the continuous goal of offering quality, personalized service.

Scott explains.  “What works with three employees doesn’t always work with five or ten.”  Scott both enjoys his work and want things done “my way,” but knows that mentoring and trusting others is an important part of growth.  As Scott adds to his team, his focus is continually on “delegating without sacrificing quality.”

Khamma Group is also regularly focused on new technology and advancements that will benefit clients.  Steve says that the recent media focus on The Cloud has invited numerous inquiries from clients.  This service is “really changing up the way businesses use technology,” Scott says.  With The Cloud, data is connected across a number of databases, making it easily accessible from desktop to mobile.

In addition to running his own business, Scott enjoys spending time with his family.  He and his wife, Amanda, have been married for 18 years.  They have two children, ages 13 and 15, and their activities keep the family busy.  Both Roberts children are long distance runners and their parents attend meets to cheer them on.  Scott is a runner himself, but says he can’t recall if his interest inspired the kids or if he was inspired by their involvement in running.

The Roberts are looking forward to a trip to the Carolinas this coming summer.  Amanda’s extended family meets at cabins in the Carolinas biennially. This tradition began in 2001 and the family is excitd to embark on a relaxing week away, connecting with loved ones.

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