2017 Elks Local Hoop Shoot Winners

January 16, 2017

JHS Bowl

Girls 8-9                                                                             Boys 8-9

1st place: Abby Kruzan – OSS                                          1st place: Charlie Smith – Winchester

2nd place: Reagan Brown – Winchester                             2nd place: Caden Colwell – Franklin

3rd place: Lucie Dion – Triopia                                          3rd place: Brandon Sims – South

Girls 10-11                                                                         Boys 10-11

1st place: Amanda Laumakis – OSS                                  1st place: Kellen Leifheit – North

2nd place: Emma Butler – Franklin                                     2nd place: Jaydon Howard – Winchester

3rd place: Ava Ganz – Triopia                                            3rd place: Derek Root – Washington

Girls 12-13                                                                        Boys 12-13

1st place: Addie Dobson – OSS                                        1st place: Caden Moore – Triopia

2nd place: Zaylei Evans – Winchester                               2nd place: Billy Horsfall – Washington

3rd place: Kendra Stock – Triopia                                      3rd place: Charlie Peters – OSS

1st place finishers advance to District Hoop Shoot on January 21, 2017 at the JHS Bowl 11 a.m.

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