What has 4-H done for me?

What has 4-H done for me?   In my five years of being a part of 4-H, I have learned leadership, cooperation, and other skills that I can use later in life and apply to real-life situations.  4-H has granted me the privilege to make a whole bunch of friends from showing cattle.

Firstly, 4-H has taught me leadership.  It used to be I wouldn’t notice it, but now I see it every day that I take the role of leader in many things I do at home, church, in 4-H and at school.   As vice president of my 4-H club, I have learned valuable skills for a career path in the future.

Secondly, I have learned cooperation through 4-H.  I work well with people now while doing projects either for school or 4-H.  Cooperation is a very important thing in life, especially if you want to work in a field that involves teamwork with other members.  Cooperation is a life lesson that, in my opinion, many adolescents should learn along with leadership.

Thirdly, I have made many friends through 4-H.  After showing cattle for five years, I have been to many shows and have met many new people who share my interests.  I never get tired of meeting new people and seeing old friends through 4-H.   Many people I have met in the past are now some of my closest friends.

In conclusion, 4-H has been an experience I shall never forget in my later years as an adult.  I think 4-H should be enjoyed by many adolescents for many years to come.  4-H is a wonderful way to spend time and make new friends and have new experiences.

Lane Rahe- Victory Ag 4-H

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