What has 4-H done for me??

Many people do not realize the impact that the 4-H organization has on the kids who are involved. 4-H is not just a group of farm kids. 4-H brings kids together from families of various occupations and lifestyles. 4-H gives kids so many different exponential opportunities to take hold of that we don’t even know about half of them that take place.

            I joined 4-H when I was 8 years old. I always enjoyed tagging along to my older sister’s meetings before I was old enough to join. 4-H is an organization that my family has always taken part in. Some kids who are engaged in this organization do not realize the benefits it has brought them. Through this program we have been introduced to some of the most recognized and important people in our community and state who are willing to support and work with us in our journey to our future. We have built and continue to build relationships with great people everywhere that help us along the way. We have been taught to always look for ways to help, improve, and strive to do better in our community, country, and world. Most importantly, 4-H instills skills and confidence in our young adults. Throughout our years in 4-H, we build up premier leadership skills that we will all use in our daily lives. I participate in multiple events that the organizations provides us with. We don’t even notice that these events are based around building up our confidence and leadership skills because we do everything with friends and always have fun.

I honestly cannot thank my 4-H livestock judging coaches enough for pushing me to do the “scary” part of livestock judging contests…oral reasons. Presenting oral reasons has changed me more than I would have ever thought. It only took one contest for my confidence to blossom. I am now not nearly as anxious or scared to speak in front of a group of people as I used to be. Without my 4-H leaders and coach’s support and encouragement to step up and step out of my comfort zone, I would not be as confident and courageous as I am today.

My favorite part of 4-H is the livestock judging contests. Everyone else has their own favorites whether it be livestock, meat science, cooking, sewing, shooting sports, health, personal development or any of the other many project areas. Either way, whether we all notice it or not, 4-H is instilling  in us the skills, experience and expertise that will be useful to us throughout our lifetime. Our opportunities to become who we want start now, and the 4-H organization provides us with everything we will need as we grow into and become who we desire to be.

Amanda Jackson

4-H Federation President

East Side Jrs. 4-H member

9 years

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