Hudson Family Show Ponies

This year was a big year for the Hudson Pony Farm. Jack Hudson, 8, of Jacksonville, Illinois, was the fifth generation of the Hudson family to show ponies at the Coliseum during the Illinois State Fair. It was an overall decent year for the Hudson Pony Farm, but the highlight was watching Jack Hudson show for the first time. Whether or not Jack was going to show was an ongoing discussion that ended with him being allowed to participate. The enthusiastic boy with a family talent for handling ponies placed 3rd in his class. Jack Hudson’s dad, Scott Hudson, said, “We were so proud of him and all of the hard work he put into this year and getting ready for this show.” Jack Hudson drove J’ville Catch Me If You Can (Turbo) in a ‘17 and under’ Shetland Harness pony class. In addition, Michaelene Mays exhibited for the Hudson Pony Farm for the first time this season. Mays, 17, showed J’ville Comin’at’cha (also known as everyone’s favorite pony, Mikey), and placed 3rd in her class, as well. Scott Hudson said, “She did an excellent job of showing the pony and we are proud to have her be part of the Hudson Pony Farm team.”

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