Alvin Eades Center

The Alvin Eades Center, located in Jacksonville, provides residential care for individuals with developmental disabilities who are deaf or have a communication disorder.  The first home to be constructed, located at 905 West Superior Avenue, was made possible through the Eades Foundation.  The Center is named after Alvin Eades, who provided the funds necessary to establish the program for the purpose of caring for his granddaughter, who still resides at this facility.

The center was built in 1984 on a five acre tract of land.  The Alvin Eades Center is now licensed to operate two homes. The Community Integrated Living Arrangement for Ladies on Superior Avenue is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Resources and houses eight women. The Intermediate Care Facility for Men was built in 1993, and is located at 1000A West Michigan Avenue. The men’s facility currently houses 16 men, and is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The Eades Foundation also provided the land for the construction of the Jacksonville Community Center for the Deaf, adjacent to the Ladies Home.

While Jacksonville offers many special needs living facilities, Alvin Eades Center’s primary focus is what sets them apart. “What makes the Alvin Eades Center unique is that we specialize in services for the deaf or those that have communication disorders,” explained Executive Director, Brad Barnes. “Throughout the state of Illinois, facilities that provide care for individuals who have both developmental disabilities and communication disorders are very few and far in between. That is what truly makes us unique.”

All of the residents attend some form of work experience during the day.  Many attend the Elm City Center in Jacksonville, while others attend Cass County Human Resource Center in Beardstown, and one woman is employed by Our Redeemer Day Care. “Our goal is to encourage residents to develop all of their potential for growth and for them to become as independent as possible,” stated Barnes.

The centers maintain a homelike environment, taking in consideration each resident’s need for privacy and security.  Trained staff is on duty at all times to assist with resident care, meals, activities, and medical concerns. Based on individuals functioning levels, supervision and training in the areas of self-care, communication, use of community facilities, and development of socialization skills are provided. It is the goal of the Alvin Eades Center to treat each resident with consideration, respect, and as individuals with special interest and needs.

Ladies' Home Located at 905 W Superior Ave

“We are proud of our beautiful homes and grounds and the services we provide. We are fortunate to be part of such a supportive community. Hopefully, many of you have seen our residents out and about.  They are a great group of women and men, many who have been with the center from its original construction. We are blessed to have been able to support, encourage and provide the care these individuals’ needs for 30 years,” said Barnes.

The Alvin Eades Center, Incorporated will host an open house, for invited guest, to celebrate 30 years of providing quality residential care in the Jacksonville area.

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