Andy Bruington

Andy Bruington

By Kaleigh Moore

For the past 29 years, Andy Bruington has worked at Jacksonville Monument Company. After buying the business from his in-laws in 1998, he became the fourth owner, and has been dedicated to maintaining the legacy the company has built since it was established more than 100 years ago in 1911.

The Jacksonville Monument Company building just off the downtown square at 33 East State Street was constructed for the business in 1919—and they’ve been there ever since. Bruington was first introduced to the monument business when he started working there in 1986, right after graduating from Jacksonville High School. Today, there are five full time employees, and his mother helps on a part-time basis, too.

The process at Jacksonville Monument Company revolves around bringing closure to families and individuals who have lost loved ones. First, the details are selected within the indoor showroom, including size, color, type of stone, and text. Granite for monuments produced here comes from all over the world after it’s quarried from the ground. Then, they produce a full-scale drawing that is approved by the family. The name is then sandblasted into the stone. Finally, a 40-inch base is installed at the cemetery and the stone is mounted at the site.

Customers over the years have expressed their sincere appreciation for the dedicated craftsmanship of the team here. To put it simply, Bruington said, “We just do good work.”

Customers are taking notice. One testimonial from Hannah Hamilton reads,

“Thank you for your help in choosing and designing our monument. I really appreciated your suggestions and patience while I was trying to decide exactly what I wanted. I’m so pleased with the end results! The stone itself is beautiful and the design is just right. I know Bud would be pleased. Thanks again.”

Jacksonville Monument Company produces local memorials you may have seen in our local parks as well—with the most recent being the WWII memorial in Community Park. Other memorials include the Desert Storm and Korean War monuments.

As a Jacksonville native, Bruington has been involved with the community by coaching little league baseball for the Elks for ten years as well as travelling soccer. As for a lifetime spent in Jacksonville, he said, “I really enjoy that this is a tight-knit community.”

Looking ahead, the long legacy of Jacksonville Monument Company will continue well into the future under Bruington’s leadership. For more information about the business, visit

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